Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frog and Toad/A Severe Mercy

Jacket: Plato's Closet - Forever 21 find (Borrowed from The Mr.)
Cardigan: J Crew (gift from Catandthecow)
Button Up Shirt: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Socks: ?
Shoes: Thrifted

So, as of late, I have been reading Frog and Toad books and A Severe Mercy. Ah, the wide spectrum of literature when one is a mom. As a result I have been hankering for all sorts of things. Internally, I have been longing to be a different person. Reading about Jean "Davy" Vanauken sheds so much light on my own flaws, I want to be like she was, someone that sacrificed and served, someone that loved completely and unselfishly.

Externally, both books have made me wish for plaids and tweeds and vintage fashion.
(Ridiculous, I know. I'm thinking about all these spiritual things and fashion at the same time.)
I'm just trying to be honest though, I thought about just posting the pics without saying anything but this is what's what at the moment and I'd feel a coward if I didn't state the plain truth. And that is, I am torn between myself and others constantly. It's ugly to live for oneself but it's hard to live for others....and so there is the daily battle. Much reflecting to do....

I don't usually talk about to much personal-personal stuff on here though so back to the more surface stuff..... ;-)
Seriously, I would LOVE to have an outfit like Frog and Toad. Menswear for Women has always been a look I've liked, I think I'm too short for it most of the time but whatever. It's starting to get hotter here and I figured I don't have much time to enjoy my cardigans much longer. So here's what came of all of it. After getting a couple shots of the outfit I, then took a picture of Mr. Toad....which is when I realized I couldn't even say the outfit was "inspired" by him. He's in Houndstooth and mustardy-greenness and my outfit was brown's and black and plaid (which you can hardly even tell in the pics)

And so....I am determined....I WILL find something more closely resembling his outfit...AND more importantly, though less interesting to anyone else, I AM going to try to model Ms. Davey. She loved, really loved. And I want to as well. I don't want to idolize her, but just let her be a mentor, of sorts. She was remarkable.

I wish I could have known her.

Lovies and Life,



tess said...

I remember reading that book as a kid! Sadly, my stupid school assigned that book for the slow readers in first grade, but it is a book meant to be enjoyed by everyone!

The Body Electric said...

I LOVED/LOVE those books! We currently have 4 of them plus the little stuffed Frog and Toad. They were the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant with The Kidlet. I'd been wanting to buy them but restrained myself I was 27 and couldn't continue to buy stuffed animals for myself!!! So it was a nice excuse to go get them I figured, boy or girl, doesn't matter, it's going to LOVE these books. And sure enough...he does! ;-)