Monday, August 22, 2011





I know it's been a long time since I've posted, it's been a long, eventful, tough though blessed, couple of months. The new baby had some health problems, and I had to go stay with my sis for a while to help her with him. He had surgery, he's doing much better and hopefully is on the mend with no further complications, though there is a 40% chance (where do they get these numbers??) that he will continue to have some issues throughout his life. But we will continue to pray and trust and live and love.....

Many other things have happened but too much and not necessarily interesting enough to post blog pictures about...but finally I come out of my hobbity-hole because there is something we need to discuss.


It's his birthday, I adore him, I wish I could meet him and hug him and kiss his cheeks and cry on his shoulders and thank him for all the loveliness that he has filled my life with over the years. Sentimental, YES, nerdy, ABSOLUTELY! But seriously, I wish I could go to comic-con (yeah, that's right, I just said it!!!) if for no other reason JUST TO MEET HIM AND THANK HIM!

If you haven't read any of his stuff I suggest you go do so, immediately. He tales of love and sorrow and terror and magic and rockets and martians and murderous skeletons and wonderful ice cream suits and electrical grandmothers and fortune-telling tattoos...and alien mushrooms and dangerous nurseries and criminal pedestrians and shoes that make you fast as a cheetah and heart-beats and tears and blood and sighs and time machines and butterfly wings and that horrible thing chasing you on the stairs............
I could go on and on and on.

I love him. I really, really do.

Dandelion Wine was the first book of his I ever read and it's been a passionate love affair ever since.

Get your mitts on one of his works...the man is 91 years old today and STILL putting out at least one book every year!

You will not be sorry.

Lovies and lovies and lovies and lovies,


ps. you may notice that several of the books are duplicates...because I'm a nerd and I try to pick up extra copies just to lend to people and not have to worry about getting them back. Seriously. I love him.