Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hearts & Glasses & Red heads









So, I have been tardy with posts in the last week and a half but with semi-good reason. I haven't been taking many pics as I dyed my hair and it turned out terribly!!! I didn't want to do any posts until I got it fixed (my older sis bleached it before dyeing it red this time...unlike last time and viola!!! Exactly the color I wanted!)
As a result of being absent I missed posting on Valentine's Day AND my b'day (b'day pics to follow) Shame on me.

For Valentine's day The Mr. bought me this delightful cardigan from Forever 21, it KILLS me with delight! I've worn it almost every day since! The sweater made me think of these old Oliver People's frame vignette's so I thought I'd share.

Hope you had a lovely V-day and President's Day to boot!

Lovies and Lucky Coppery Pennies,


PS. My b'day was this last Sat and I had high hopes of doing a giveaway in honor of it....I think I'm just going to do it anyway even if it will be uber late!!!

PPS. Oh, I know what else I was going to say, I actually won a blog giveaway myself (never happened before!!!) from The Berkley Blog of this loverly embroidery kit.

I'm quite excited as I have never won anything and they had the cutest idea for enteries, here's the poem I submitted.

Anyhoo, my computer is acting weird and underlining things for no reason and I don't know how to fix it so I bid you all adieu!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Giveaway Results!


So my sis and bro-in-law and my niece (The Cousin) came over for a visit this last weekend and we had ourselves a blast. Spent a lot of time at the beach (which is where I found the rock pictured above) it was about 75 degrees all weekend, we lounged in the sun and played backgammon and mancala and played in the water!!! It was pretty perfect!

Btw, my sis picked the name for the Valentine Giveaway on Friday (we did it old school style, name's on slips of paper in a bowl) and the winner was AMANDA RODRIGUEZ!

I got the package sent out a couple days ago so Amanda m'dear, you should be getting it today or tomorrow! Hope you enjoy them!

Lovies and Lanky Limbs,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ruby Rose!!!

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Today I moseyed my way down to a shop I've been dying to rummage around in but never had the chance as the have precise hours. Ruby Rose was open today and was everything I dreamed!!!
Bask in the glory of these pictures (I took so many it was hard to narrow it down, their attention to detail makes every nook and cranny of this place absolutely magical!) and if you're ever in the area make sure you sneak in to check them out!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I want that horse sweater (pictured above)

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I am seriously contemplating on saving up for this puppy. (Puppy being the gargantuan flag)

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Allie (from The Cat and The Cow) and I talked about going to Bingo together sometime...I never made it and now we live 2-3 hours away from each other. :-(

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Now to go through my two scrabble games and figure out which pieces are missing and get them replaced...finally.

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Le sigh!

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My birthday is later this month...I want this...badly.

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I'm a sucker for letters and numbers. Oh yeah.

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I want to know these people...or in some sci-fi/quantum leap sort of way I want to BE these people in this moment that this photo was captured. Is that creepy of me? Yeah, I guess I'm a creeper, these are the things I think about.

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The lovely ladies that work/own Ruby Rose were so sweet and vibrant.
They were gracious with The Kidlet and gave him things to occupy himself with and chatted it up and made for an even more lovely experience! Can't wait to go back!


Don't forget the giveaway entry is over by noon tomorrow (pst) so get your entries in if you're interested.

Lovies and looky-loos,


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February 1st GIVEAWAY!!!

In light of Valentine's Day barreling down upon us I figured it was high time I got off my tookas (as my Grandfather says) and finally have a Giveaway. It's something I've wanted to do for quite some time and I've started making things for just such an occasion but I always end up letting the little voice in my head convince me that the things I've made aren't good enough because they inevitably turn out less than perfect.

This time is no different and I've half a mind to not do this...that half of me is cringing with every second that brings me closer to hitting the "publish post" button.

But here's the deal...

Valentine's Day has it's share of naysayers, just like Christmas, with people that say it's nothing but commercialism and boohooeyness for those that care. I had my years of lamenting that there was no handsome fellow to exchange Valentines with (we are human and we want to be's really that simple) but my Mum always made Valentine's Day about just loving....anyone, family, whomever! Even to this day she always has a wee little gift for each of us girls.

(Mum, should you read this, this is not a ploy or hint that you'd better not forget this year.... 1. I know you won't forget. 2. You are under no obligations to continue the tradition. 3. You enjoy it just as much as we do so that brings me back to #1. ;-))

We've had years where we had a big Valentine's dinner party just for our friends because we love love and we love them and why in the name of all that is love must Valentine's Day be this day of pressure about having a boyfriend or husband or something!??!

(We weren't allowed to date growing up...The Mr. was my first boyfriend and we didn't start courting till I was 22 (first kiss was 3 months shy of my 23rd b'day) I've had my share in many a boyfriendless Valentine's Day and there were years I made myself miserable over it...more's the pity. Bitterness is so pointless and just makes one feel ugly and at times behave ugly.)

So, I beseech you, don't give in to the commercialization but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater either. Enjoy the coming 14th as a day to show love to anyone and everyone!

It doesn't mean you get to be mean the rest of the year, obviously, but dangit isn't it fun to sit down and think of a list of little notes and such that you can hand out to the people that mean something to you!?!?!? Set aside the cynicism, just as I am having to do with myself and my giveaway and just enjoy the joy.

For your consideration I have made a set of 6 Valentine's.


They are not perfect.


There was a kidlet hanging over my shoulder and bouncing (though trying so hard not to) on the bed next to me as I made these.


As a result I include the disclaimer...they look like someone was jumping on the bed while I made them. There are smudges, there are some crookedly spots, they may be a bit wonky...but doesn't that just take you back to being 5 and making Valentines (and eating paste) I know this sounds like a cop out but honestly, whilst I hate that mine turned out this way, I have to remind myself how much I personally enjoy receiving home made Valentines.


(6 Handle With Care Cards, left blank inside)
Also, I made them out of what I had and as what I had was grocery bags (I used all my brown wrapping paper for Christmas) the insides of the envelopes have Trader Joe's or New Frontier's printing on them....let's just call them re purposed (which we all know is a fancy name for, "I made do with what I had")

To enter the giveaway please post the giveaway on your blog and link it back to me in the comments for this post. Enter by Noon (PST) Friday so I can get them out before the weekend.

Lovies and Loving,


UPDATE: If you would like to participate and do not have a blog you can still enter by posting the giveaway on your FB or whatever other social network you use and post the link back here into my comments. Hope that helps! :-)