Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who, What, When, Where?

Dress: Yard sale (one of the things I bought from the moving neighbor)
Collar: Thrifted Doily
Socks: Target
Shoes: UO clearance

So, it comes off a little Hot Topic-ish when translated onto a human, but I still like it and would wear it comfortably (aside from it being wool and kind of itchy) I again added the doily as a collar to make it a bit more accurate to the character as well as the black bow but the pictures don't show them very well....

So, do you know who it is?

DO YOU!?!?!!?

It's not a book I grew up with so I don't know if it's considered "classic" just yet, but it's fairly popular and kind of cute....other than the attitude this character gives it's mother...we skipped that page until The Kidlet is old enough to understand, that pig might be allowed to talk to her mother like that, but YOU are not a pig and I'm not raising you to be one.

So I gave you two hints.



TA DA!!!!

In other news we went biking for a bit yesterday with the cousin in tow, then dropped her off and continued our ride just the three of us. It rained on and off and was super blustery, which made for a tough ride TO Whole Foods but a nice quick ride FROM Whole Foods with the wind at our backs. It was beautiful. Dark grey, smatters of rain, gusting wind....sigh.
When we got home we made Indian food and played Scrabble....I love that man....I love that Kidlet. My life is pretty much extraordinary.

Lovies and Laboratories,



The Cat and The Cow said...

Sooooooo cute!!! I love that dress so very much! You do live a charmed life!

The Body Electric said...

I do too! Sadly, it's a little tight in the shoulders, the arms themselves fit ok, but if I try to lift my arms higher than my waist....doh...not so much.

And yes, a charmed life indeed, having you as a neighbor is one of the things that makes it so. I'm going to be so sad when you leave. Sniffles.

Stephanie said...

Before I scrolled down, I thought you were Emily the Strange.:P I love playing Scrabble, such a fun game!

I also want to say thanks for your sympathy for my relationship post. :) I guess it doesn't help that I've been hanging out a lot with my ex lately. I know were just friends, but you can't help but let old feeling creep up.

Anonymous said...

I am surprisingly bad at this game... I have five kids, I should be getting all of these right off! As soon as I see the answer, though, I think "of course!"
That is the only dissadvantage I have living way out here - how I would love to bike to Whole Foods! That is so sweet!

The Body Electric said... weird, I swear to you, your comment didn't show up as posted until today!!! I wonder where it was hanging out since I approved it! :-/

Ms. Chocolate, if you lived in biking distance you would need to longest tandem bike....but it would be pretty awesome....makes me picture Make Way For Ducklings....but with people...on a bike. It makes sense in my brain ok. :-)

Robin said...

so far, my fav is this outfit! splendid!