Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Underwater TUESDAY!!!

Ok, so I know I usually wait till Wednesdays to post underwater pictures but I can't wait till then. Again, thanks to Marcus for getting these shots so I can have these AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!! (I am wearing a curtain I found at a Thrift Store a couple weeks back for a dollar!!!!) I can't thank him enough! I don't believe in astrology but I am an Aquarius Pisces and I admit there is just something about the pull of water for me. I'm enamored with it! These pictures capture some of the magic it holds for me and I hope it translates to you as well.

Tuesday is blues day!!!!

Love and Rockets,


Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mr. and Me

Thank you to our dear friend and amazing artist, Marcus Mattern, for catching this lovely picture of The Mr. and me. We were heading back from Dinky Creek after several hours of flopping around in freezing water trying to get some good shots with the new camera....WAIT TILL YOU SEE THEM!!! and we pulled over into a turn-out, trash lying on the side of the road everything dead from the nasty Valley heat....and Marcus caught this moment. I am forever grateful!

It's late and I must teach in the morning.

Lovies and Ladybugs,


MORE of Santa Cruz Frolic!

These woods were so beautiful, the contrast of the red woods bark and needles made for a magical ambiance. I couldn't help but keep looking for fairies out of the corner of my eye. I wanted to hop off the train and run around through the plants looking under leaves for the wee folk but then the conductor brought me down to earth with his amplified warnings of poison oak...poo. Never mind......

Hope your Monday's been a fun day. I have a couple projects in the works/finished. I will post them soon.

Lovies and lollipops,


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Santa Cruz Frolic

Whilst we were gone on our loverly trip to Santa Cruz with the In-lawsies we had the great fortune of them also taking us to the Boardwalk. Touristy? Sure!!!! Fun? OF COURSE!?!?!! The Kidlet LOVED the Carousel although it took the second ride to make him certain of this instead of slightly unsure. I kept thinking, "JOIN US MICHAEL!!!" every time I saw anything from the beloved and campy Lost Boys movie. We had a blast and I have more shots from the trip over all (the train ride through the redwoods will be next) but for now I just wanted to show some of the loveliness of the lights of the Boardwalk.

Hope the rest of the week flies by and you get to next weekend without anything too traumatic happening between now and then!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watery Wednesday with MY OWN CAMERA!

So, a couple weeks ago my wonderfully generous in-laws bought us a new camera. It was pretty snazzy, Nikon Coolpix, and took pics quickly (which is a necessity with a one and a half year old) but the color has been kinda weirdy, overly saturated reds and such. They purchased it from Costco (God bless 'em and their AWESOME return policy...unlike TARGET!!!! POO) which has been carrying an underwater camera for a couple Hamilton's more but I felt bad returning it simply because I wanted something else other than what they got me. Thankfully/unfortunately/THANKFULLY, the camera started making weird pixelated lines through the middle of the photos and we had no choice but to return it and didn't look ungrateful doing it! HURRAH! We paid the difference, got the underwater Olympus and just in time for our trip with the in-laws (parentals and siblings) to Santa Cruz and Monterey. My Mum-in-law planned an awesome trip with steam engine train-ride through the red woods, hanging out on the Boardwalk riding Carousels, and glass bottom boat out to look at sea otters (with the kidlet LOVING every minute of it!)

More pics will follow, but as this new camera is 6 more pixels than our old one it takes FOREVER to upload. For now, we shall make do with the underwater pics we took in the heated pool of the hotel we stayed at in Monterey. I can't wait to get into another pool more prepared (clothing wise and goggle wise) to be able to take some cooler shots than these but hey, LOVE that this is even an option now.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bird Nest.


Someone, please tell me, what IS it about bird nests that are so enticing and alluring. They just seem cozy and safe even though if we ever had to live in one we wouldn't be particularly happy about it. I mean honestly, twiggy, pokey, drafty, buggy....but when I see them, they inspire me, delight me and make me think of that baby bird carefully cradled in nothing but methodically constructed toothpicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again I apologize that I don't know where the pics came from other than the two from ANTM this last season.

I want that bed.


Oh well, Lovies!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black and White Wall Hangings

As of late I have found myself to finally be able to use the random scraps of paper, the bits and pieces of this and that, the things that I save and say, "I could use this! It would be irresponsible to let it go to waste!!!" The Mr. nods lovingly never saying a word but I KNOW he's thinking, "Yeeeeeah, we have a craft closet and garage FULL of things you THINK you might use someday yet you NEVER do!" But he is always gracious with me and let's me have my little stashes here and there and my ambition that MAYBE someday my pack-ratting will pay off. Darling that he is!

And now (drum roll please) his patience with me, and my hope for actually being remotely creative finally paid off. I've put a man on the moon! Well, more like I made a present for a friend using scraps I saved from other friend's and my own wedding invitations, but hey, finally proving to myself that I CAN indeed be useful and be less wasteful and such, it feels nice. I know it's silly but maybe, just maybe this is a faint glimmer of hope that all the other crap I have saved here and there will be put to use and I won't end up smothered underneath piles of saved National Geographic Mags eaten by a plethora of cats at the age of 90. I read an article in Reader's Digest once (my mother subscribes and when at her house I can't help but read it sometimes) about savers and such and it scared the crap out of me. I promptly came home and got rid of loads of stuff.

Why is my brain so weird?

On that comforting note ;-) I bid thee goodnight.


PS. The kidlet was rather fond of this garland as it was covered with birds... the sound of "BUR, BURRR" filled the house as he tried to run off with it to his room. (I fear he is a scavenger like his mum, DOH!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Invites for the Cousin

Here is a new rough draft for the invites we will be making for the cousin getting married. She wants to have a friend that is an artist add some whimsical doodles to the white inside (which will have the information printed on it) and we're thinking of possibly adding cogs and watch parts either on the inside or perhaps the cover between the bride and groom.

Still waiting for Cousin to get back into town to tweak it some more and see what exactly she wants. I hope we can get them just right so it's something she LOVES instead of just something she'd be fine with (that's the problem with working with an easy going person that doesn't want to put people out ;-))

Lovies and have a fantastic Sunday!