Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bag Sale. (A continuation of yesterdays exploits)

These pieces are the remainder of what I found at that magnificent Thrift store bag sale!

Bow: Handmade
Shoes: Thrifted

This dress is the epitome of K's LBD. I cannot tell you how many variations of this dress I have in my closet...but THIS is the first of this exact combo. It is all things good in my eyes.
I am a big fan of baby doll waist dresses I love slightly, but not over-done, poofy sleeves. As a girl that sweats like a boy that lives in a place that reaches over 100 degrees for months out of the year black is near and dear to my heart. Aaaaand as a short girl you know how I love that just above the knee hem. Yep. Pretty good find if I do say so myself.

Slip: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

This little red shift looks as thought it's just terribly wrinkled but it is covered in embroidered red roses, with cutouts at the waist and hem. (I seriously need help with my camera and blog, I am at a loss with how things are getting smaller and smaller....argh!)

Bow: Handmade
Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Handmade
Shoes: Thrifted

This skirt. Oooooooh this pencil skirt. It is a tiny olive-coloured, wool, hounds tooth from Banana Republic. I have not only had the fortune of finding this skirt at a thrift store before but have now found it again in a size that is a little more accurate! I LOVE this skirt but have sadly only been able to wear it on rare occasions when my health is kind of ok and my tummy is happy. I haven't been able to wear it in months, no matter how much I work out or watch what I eat because my tummy problems have made me too bloated to fit into it. (also my ribs and there is nothing I can do about that....I'm just not suppose to be a size 0) I keep trying that darn skirt on and it is just a bit too small.
I cannot believe I found it, same exact skirt, one size up. I am so excited! Egad. I love it.
Thank you thrift stores!!!

Bow: Handmade
Shoes: H&M

Again, for some reason, the colour is coming across inaccurately. In actuality it's royal purple. It's divine! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Bow: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Handmedown from old roommate
Shoes: Old Navy

You can't tell but this little blue top I bought has red bows printed all over it.


I still cannot believe each of the pieces I bought were .29 cents.




Lovies and Lassitude,


PS. Song of the day:

Avi Buffalo - What's It In For.

The new band I am quasi in had a show earlier this week, we played a show with this band. They are amazing and Avi himself is bafflingly kind and write way beyond his years. Check them out if you haven't heard them yet.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thrift Stores and Scissors.

For some reason this turned burgandy (not a favorite colour) in the photo, in actuality it's plum! Yum!

Today a thrift store in my neighborhood (Neighborhood Thrift Store...the name says it all!) had a wonderful sale that periodically pops up! The $7 bag sale. Anything you can fit into a paper grocery bag for $7. The Big Sis and I went together and managed to cram all of our stuff into one bag and split the cost. My half of the bag ended up being 6 dresses, 1 romper, 1 top, 2 skirts, for me and 2 jeans for The Kidlet. Not too shabby for $3.50!!!

When I got home I promptly went to town cutting up the things that were "almost cute other than...." I am pretty much happy with how they all turned out other than the sea foam skirt, that could stand to be shorter. Clearly I like things just above the knee. I am a short girl and long things just accentuate it.

I will post all the pieces I am leaving alone tomorrow. Seriously, I broke it down, everything came down to being .29 cents a piece. YESSSS!

I love thrifting. Seriously. I feel so bad for people that don't enjoy it.

Lovies and lucky deals,


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Basket boat rides and Polka dots!

Bow: Thrifted
Top: H&M
Skirt:Forever 21
Socks: Target (I love their dollar ankle socks!)
Shoes: Thrifted
Currently listening to: Travis - Sing

Clearly, being pirates.

Mundane outfit post.

I don't usually wear polka dots, it's something I always feel weird in, but lately I've been a bit more open to the possibility. I also NEVER wear white in the summer. I sweat like a man. Ew. But this was one of the lovely finds at H&M when we went to Seattle last month to visit our darling friends from Garage Voice.
(We are still trying to recover those pictures, hopefully there will be a post about it soon)
I couldn't resist the top. So now I have white AND polka dots.
The Mr. was gone on business the last couple days and it's been lovely to have him back.
(Who knew that it was possible for absence to make the amount of fondness I have for him even more so. I didn't know we could have more fondernessest ;-) for each other.)

He and The Kidlet had themselves a lovely time playing in the laundry basket this morning.

(Dearest Mum-in-law, yes, that IS your laundry basket, as you can tell, with your names clearly written on the side, OOPS! ;-/ we will try to get that back to you ASAP)

The Kidlet said he wanted a ride in it so I tied an apron to his little broom and we made a mast and he floated on his little sea thanks to his papa.

Life is pretty darn adorable sometimes.

Hope you are all finding yourselves with as much in your life.

Lovies and Landlubbers,


Monday, July 19, 2010

She and Him and Me and Them!!!!

This is me, hands clasped in rapture at the thought that in less than 3 hours I would be seeing ZOOEY DESCHANEL!

I was trying to think about where to start with getting back into posting, I feel so far behind that I couldn't decide on anything. Argh.

Then I decided I would wait until the day after the Bird and the Bee, She and Him, and The Swell Season concert at The Hollywood Bowl! What better event than THAT to come back with a bang.

Soooo....we are still trying to figure out our new camera (ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture, all lost on me) but we were able to get some good shots. A former student of mine, Mark, moved to the LA area and said whenever we wanted visit we were welcome. We finally took him up on his offer and decided to drive down to see the show, spend the night at his family's house, then back up the next morning. It was wonderful! Mark greeted us with a BBQ, chocolate, wine, and this gorgeous pup.....

We had a lovely time hanging out for a bit before the show and the boys were all smitten with the coolness of Mark. He is an amazing person! I'm sorry to have lost him from my class!

This is O. He is a newer acquaintance but we have spent many a summer's evening playing Boggle recently and when the opportunity came for him to buy someone else's ticket he jumped on board and we all had a blast.

The Mr. and the new camera has created a plethora of pictures of inanimate objects and me. (Seriously though, so many pictures of things like, his feet, and random objects on the floor or the sky. AHHAHA!)

Eating...I am too good at it.

This is our other friend, we call him Panda, we met him several years ago at a Summer camp that The Mr. was playing music for. He is legit and we are glad we got to be together on this trip since he lives out of town and we only see him when there is a movie coming to our IMAX which he drives up for.

Stoic...I think he was thinking about wine...

...And I was thinking about Zooey and M. Ward.

This is a picture of O. being thoroughly smitten with the awesomeness of Mark. O. wants to be him when he grows up.

Rusty Pup!

45 minutes on the bus, standing room only. Egad!

Btw, look who got a summer crop...I don't particularly care for it, but he's still a handsome gentleman.

Whilst we were waiting for the show to start we entertained ourselves with spotting regular folks that looked at least mildly, like celebrities.

(Blast, I wish I'd gotten better pics.) This guy seriously looked like Jason Mraz.

Bobby Lee! When this was stated out loud, an Asian man in front of us said, "Ooo, that's racists!" Fortunately, O was the one that said it so we pointed at him and the guy forfeited. Whew. ;-)

Taylor Momsen. AHAHAH!

Ryan Gosling, (again, wish we'd gotten better shots!!!)

Plump Vin Diesel with hair.
(We did spot one actual "celebrity" when we were walking in, didn't get a photo, but it was the guy that was dating Cuddy this last season on House. And apparently Colin Farrel was in the audience somewhere, so Marketa said)


The Panda, The Mr., The Me.


This was the ridiculous expression on my face through most of the show...mixed in with crying. Pathetic.

Mark sent a bottle of wine with the dinner he packed. I don't drink but O. said it was amazing.


Sadly, when The Bird and The Bee were playing it was too light out for good pics on the screens, then when The Swell Season played it was too dark. :-( But they literally gave us chills. The passion and power behind Glen Hansard's lyrics and vocals, the charisma, the soft charm of Marketa Irglova....I literally cried, not bawling, just quiet tears of was breath taking.

People were obnoxiously loud for the first two acts but once Glen and Marketa starting singing you could literally hear a pin drop, in a crowd of ???-thousand people, that's really saying something. They even taught the audience special ooo's and ah's to sing at certain points of songs for them to sing over the top was a gorgeous glimpse of heaven, to hear that many people singing together....I am out of words.

On the bus, heading home....we were tired....

but deliriously happy.

It was a wonderful night, it will be one of my fondest memories of my life. The venue is amazing, if you ever have the chance to see a show there, GO! They let you bring in however much you can carry, food, wine, blankets, etc. And there is no smoking IN the amphitheater (though that didn't stop the guy in front of us from lighting up a joint at one point, oddly enough it was right after I was talking to Panda about how the smell of pot makes me throw up, I guess it reminded him, "oh yeah...I forgot I had that on me....LAME!") I had to run away for a while.

Well, there you have it, a wonderful evening with wonderful friends captured on a wonderful camera that is way out of my league of expertise.

I hope you are blessed and joyful!

Lovies and LA LA LAAA,


PS. even though we were tired when we got back from the show we decided to go see Inception at 11:50pm. I am paying for it today! I have to say, technically that movie was pretty impressive...but other than that I am fairly indifferent to it. I was expecting to be "blown away" (that's what everyone has been saying) and I was super disappointed to find that it didn't. :-( Hopefully those of you that have seen it were able to enjoy it more than I.