Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missed it.

So I missed getting a picture today. It's was a rough one. Seriously bad allergies, I think I actually did physical damage to my eyes because I scratched them so hard....hard time breathing and such and pathetically cried because I thought I was in so much pain....

then I had it all put into perspective upon finding out a dear friend lost her baby last week. No's heart just stopped. They don't know why.

She was full term.

My physical discomfort is nothing compared to that. I literally hate my self-centeredness.


I don't know what to say. I just keep crying and wanting to call her but can't stop crying long enough to make the call actually happen.

If you share my spiritual beliefs, please be praying for her and her husband. I can only imagine the pain and I know I'm nowhere close to the reality of that pain.

I just wish I could help her...I just don't know how...other than prayer.




tess said...

first off, I am sorry you aren't feeling well. my allergies aren't as terrible as yours, but are pretty irritating this year.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, that is so sad. I hope they stay strong even in this difficult time and don't give up on children. make sure to call her, but maybe when you're less upset

The Body Electric said...

Hey Tess, thank you so much. Yeah, allergies are rough this year. I spent most of yesterday with tissues stuck up both nostrils and a wet wash cloth on my eyes....not very convenient when you have a 2 year old. :-/ I hope yours clear up soon!

Yeah, I will call her. I'm trying to figure out what to do with The Kidlet, that might be a little rough for her, so I can get over to her house and maybe do some cleaning for her. She's having to recover from labor and delivery but with no baby as a consolation. Her husband had to go back to work and they have no family here. I'm going to go call her right now, I think. Sigh. Life hurts sometimes.

Enough about me, are you finished up with all your work for school? Any finals left? If so, GOOD LUCK!

Sara Lynn said...

I am so sorry about your allergies and I am very very sorry about your friend :( I will send good thoughts her way.

I hope that you feel better soon, you need a long hot bath and some rest so you can make that call. :)

ps-You can leave as long as a comment as you want my dea, I don't mind :)

*hugs* feel better soon.

The Body Electric said...

Thanks Sara! I left her a message and told her to call me only when she wanted/needed to. So hopefully she knows I'm here for her but doesn't feel pressured to call until she's ready.

Thanks for not thinking I'm a nerd for leaving long rambly comments. Or at least, for not SAYING you think I'm a nerd. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. I can't even imagine. I will pray. That is just too sad.

The Body Electric said...

Thanks Shelly, yeah, I keep trying to imagine and I just fall apart all over again. Your prayers are appreciated.

Bridget said...

oh my word. they're in my prayers.

The Body Electric said...

Thank you Bridget! Seriously, that means so much.