Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In an old house in Paris

Hat: Thrift store
Dress: UO clearance
Cardigan: Target Kids
Tie/Collar: Thrift store
Socks: Target Kids
Shoes: Thrift Store

This one should be fairly easy, hence giving you the opening line as the title.

Who doesn't love these books. So very adorable.

I love my new cardigan but I would SOOOO love to have her little capelet. Le Sigh.

Lovies and Lolcats,



Mel said...

AHHH I LOVE MADELINE! I totally recognized the first line. I think I remember the rest: In an old house in Paris, all covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines, or something to that effect. I used to watch the cartoons all the time! In fact I was just singing the theme song to my friend a few days ago! I love your interpretation, it's so cute! Your dress and hat are lovely!

Mel said...

Haha oh here's the theme for your listening pleasure:

tess said...

oh this was one of my favorite books! yay

Chelsea said...

You look adorable!
I love love love Madeline. It was the first book I ever "read." Which is to say that at the age of 4 I had it memorized so I just recited and flipped the pages. I still have it memorized, actually, except my pop up version that I learned on was missing a couple pages. Darn.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I was hoping you'd do a Madeline outfit. I was so excited when I saw the post title. Just lovely. Another literary outfit well done.

Anonymous said...

Ohoh! I wonder if I could have guessed that without the hint at the top? Maybe. I love those books!
These are so fun! Thanks for the little smiles in my day.

The Body Electric said...

Mel, thanks dearyloo for the link. I never saw the cartoon apparently as this song doesn't ring a bell but it is waaay too cute! THANK YOU!

Tess, yeah, I read her books to the kidlet, he's totally into it although not as much as Curious George. That monkey rules supreeeeeme!

Chelsea, thanks for stopping by! AHAHA, yeah, I totally had those books I could "read" as a wee one. I was soooo proud of myself. Hee hee.

Breanne, thank you so much, I'm running out of ideas and will be so sad once it's done. :-(

Shelly, really? SMILES!?!? YAY! I'm more than happy to do what I can! :-)

Again everyone, feel free to offer suggestions on future books.

X0 -K

Lisa said...

Yay I got this one right. This is adorable! I want a hat like that so bad:)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh, Madeline. I love her!

I've just realised I never answered the question you left in my blog - I found out through my naturopath. I had a massive blood test done and it came back with a bunch of things I was allergic too. There were a few things on the list that I've never felt sick from, like pineapple but I don't really eat it much anyway because I've never really liked it (which could be why!). I am also allergic to baker's yeast, but I'm not sure how to get around no yesast in some foods!

Your allergy list sounds horrible! Some of mine are simply intolerances from my stomach being unkind to me, so once I get better I will be able to eat them again. I've started eating potato again, after 4 years without it! My gosh, it was Heaven in a mouthful!

At the end of last year I found out why I have so many intolerances on top of my allergies - apparently I have inhaled too much of a certain chemical either as a child or while Mum was pregnant in me - either Mortein (a bug killer) or a mosquito spray they used on the forest behind my house as a kid. I'm on a bunch of things to get rid of the toxins in my body and once they're gone I should slowly get better! I had to travel to the other side of thr country to find this out though! The doctor did a hair analysis, maybe you could do something similar to find out exactly why?

Apologies for the long comment :P

x Jasmine