Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Classic Children's Book Today?

Top: Target clearance
Pants: Old Navy clearance
Socks: ???
Shoes: UO clearance
Sweater: Thrift store
Hats: Various, mostly UO clearance or thrift stores
Bow: Thrift store

So I mixed it up a bit and came up with two different outfits inspired by the same book. The one below is a bit more dressy than the one above. I realized after I loaded all the pics that I forgot to take the below pics with the tuxedo jacket I had...I don't feel like starting over because I'd have to delete some pics for them to be in the right order and then reload and I am, admittedly, just plain picture the below outfit with a woman's tuxedo jacket thrown into the mix. Again, Menswear for women. I love it.

Top: Thrift store
Pants: H&M
Tux Jacket I forgot to wear: Thrift store

Soooo, did you guess it? It was another one of my favorite books when I was a kid and I'm fairly certain they used to read it on Reading Rainbow.

Goodness gracious, butterflies in the sky, I love that show.



Sooo, do you have it? Perhaps no one else knows this book...

I hope I'm not alone.

Here's a a couple of the above pics my little monkey stole my hats....

Ring any bells?


I hope this brings you fond memories as much as it does me.

Lovies and Lemons,


PS. The Kidlet went swimming today and got a hair cut...he just woke up from his after swim nap. I want to squeeze his little face he is so precious. *sniff sniff* He just pooped...gotta go.


Meggstatus said...

These pictures are so amazing. LOVELOVELOVE. And I totally forgot about this book until now!

The Body Electric said...

Thank you so much! I was just sitting here looking over it and dissing my pics to myself. So many people have such amazing blogs with nice big pics that are easy to see and awesome cameras that take great photos and awesome wardrobes. I feel so mediocre. Bleah.

I guess I'm too hard on myself. It is what it is.

I LOOOOVED that book and totally forgot about it as well until I started searching for ideas for this series. I kicked myself when I saw it. YEAAAA CAPS FOR SALE!

Did you know there was one about Circus caps or something like that. I need to get my hands on it!!!! NEEEEED! ;-)

scatterheart said...

I love that book and I love your outfits and little monkey to boot! Once again you are endlessly creative and so thrift store saavy.

The Body Electric said...

Thank you pretty miss!

I'll let you in on a secret it's not being savvy so much as having time on my hands to lurk and stalk like a Creepy McCreeperson the thrift stores near me. I'm actually itching to go, it's been a few weeks and I was going once or twice a week for a while.....sigh. Today was 50% off day at one of them and I missed it. BOOOOOO!

tess said...

I USED TO LOVE THAT BOOK! wow totally forgot about it thanks for reminding me. amazing trousers

Mel said...

OH I remember reading that book! What a cute interpretation, I love those red socks and suspendered pants!

The Body Electric said...

YEAAAA! I'm so excited about how many of you know this book too! WEEEEEE! It really was such an amazing book!

I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take a mustache picture too. I LOVE mustache pictures...I take them all the time...for no reason...yet forgot when it was actually for a purpose. BOOOO!

Kate Durbin said...


sarah marie p said...

I had also forgotten about this book too! I want to read it again NOW!