Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunshine State of Mind.

The famous Mr. Marcus

here are some pics from a while back when we were coming home from Dinky and caught the sun getting ready to hit the hay. I didn't realize till today how many back lit sun shots I got so I figured I'd post them together here for viewing pleasure.

Hope you've had a lovely week.

FYI our band (incidentally, also named Sing the Body) is playing tomorrow night at Kuppajoe. Perhaps I will see you there.

Btw, one of the band members (the one that also records most of the indie bands around here) is talking about recording us soon. I guess he and the other more talented of the group aren't seeing it as a silly little project with me but as something more and worth pursuing. I'm scared, nervous and honored. Hopefully my voice will hold up. EGAD!

Lovies and Leotards,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Craft Desk

After much work to nail this thing back together and get 5 million coats of paint on it so the red was actually red and not fuchsia....TA DA! Finally done, transported to the house and set up. Might I say, it has been a delight to have all my supplies accessible and easy to use. Hopefully this will be one more thing to inspire me to get all the ideas in my head out and into reality. We shall see what happens. Many thanks and much love to The Mr. for finishing this up for me, such a sweetheart, and moved to the house when I wasn't expecting it. As you can see, it's loverly and I've already been inspired to get the little snail paintings done. Hopefully more shall follow.

There is a lot going on in our family at the moment so I haven't had much time to diligently post. Forgive you two (hee hee) Hopefully things will settle down a bit when we know for sure if this possible move (out of state) is actually going to happen. Like I said, lots going on. Siiiigggghhh.

Prayers are always welcomed.

Lovies and Lindy-hoppers,


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Underwater Thursday!!!!!


So I know I have been rather lax this last week with posting (my apologies to both of you ;-)) and NOW on top of that I am posting Watery Wednesday on THURSDAY! EGAD, THE HORROR!

But I'm afraid you shall have to get over it.

Anywho, here are some pics from last week. We went swimming with the Alliekins and had ourselves a lovely time that is until the evil of old Navy flip-flops struck with deft precision and caused Allie to slip and fall on the steps of the pool (poor thing)

All that aside.... VERONA CLEO has FINALLY JOINED US! I will post pics soon if Allie (formerly MTB) is alright with it. Allie labored Monday and finally popped that cutesicle out and HEAVENS TO BETSY she is beeeeautiful!

Have a blessed day, hang in, one more till the weekend! WEEEEE!

Lovies and Lampchops,


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fire Balloons and Ray Bradbury...ahhh summer!

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As you may have known I am madly in love, in deep smit with Ray Bradbury and have been so ever since my mother gave me a copy of Dandelion Wine to read when I was in my teens. If you haven't read it, DO IT NOW! (Just lent one of my copies to the Alliecat, yes, that's right I own multiple copies of his books)

In 1974 Mr. Bradbury wrote a preface for the book and I will now share a portion of it with you...

"A final memory.

Fire Balloons.

You rarely see them these days, though in some countries, I hear, they are still made and filled with warm breath from a small straw fire hung beneath.
But in 1925 Illinois, we still had them, and one of the last memories I have of my grandfather is the last hour of a forth of July night forty-eight years ago when Grandpa and I walked out on the lawn and lit a small fire and filled the pear-shaped red-white-and-blue-striped paper balloon with hot air, and held the flickering bright-angel presence in our hands a final moment in front of a porch lined with uncles and aunts and cousins and mothers and fathers, and then, very softly, let the thing that was life and light and mystery go out of our fingers and up on the summer air and away over the beginning-to-sleep houses, among the stars, as fragile, as wondrous, as vulnerable, as lovely as the life itself.

I see my Grandfather there looking up at that strange drifting light, thinking his own still thoughts. I see me, my eyes filled with tears, because it was all over, the night was done, I knew there would never be another night like this.

No one said anything. We all just looked up at the sky and we breathed out and in and we all thought the same things, but nobody said. Someone finally had to say, though, didn't they? And that one is me.

The wine still waits in the cellars below.

My beloved family still sits on the porch in the dark.
The fire balloon still drifts and burns in the night sky of an as yet unburied summer.

Why and how?

Because I say it is so."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

LULA!!!!! and Inspirations

So The Mr. came home from work today carrying a package. I didn't remember buying anything off of Ebay recently that was as big as this....He said, "Don't know what it is but it's from Kate."

And it does not disappoint, oddly enough it is filled with all the little things I've been obsessed with lately.... BOWS!

Ethereal soft pompadoured, puffed hair (Betsy Books, anyone?)

......Bright oranges and more bows!

Straw hats and even better, STRAW HAT BOWS!I must go peruse it some more!!! Thank you a million times over Kate, and thank you to your mum! And thank you for mailing it up to me! Cheers to friends with wonderful taste with mother that live in GB that are sweet enough to mail two copies to her daughter so she can send one to a friend. Lucky me!

Other things you must check out....

Things you should take a gander at!

New blog o' my heart

As for this link, there is a photographer here in town that took pictures for a wedding I did makeup for. I don't do it much anymore these days, I'm just so bad at trying to advertise and promote myself. I don't know why....but anyhow, here it is. I finally got pictures from a wedding I've done. That's my other deterrent, I always forget to snap some pics for myself. Anyhoo, here is a slide show and you can check out the loverly bride! Sweet thing that she is, I'm so glad Lindsay and Chris finally tied the knot, they're so adorable together!

Lindsay and Chris's wedding

My Allie Cat and the Midnight Picnic

Alliecat making The Kidlet laugh with my hat!

Unfocused, I know, but their expressions are priceless!!!!

The Kidlet was put out that there was a baby belly in the way.

Isn't she stunning! (and wishing that dern babykins would get out of the belly!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here, let me help you hold that....

I think she enjoyed the movie but still had her mind on the fact that the baby is 3 days overdue now...

i admit it, I adore Steve Martin (le sigh)
MTB and I have been wanting to have a night time picnic for a while now and today plans were made to finally make it happen. The problem with night owls being married to morning men is they are already in bed by this time and feel uncomfortable with their wives (one being pregnant) scampering around the neighborhood trying to find a place to put a blanket. It was decided to postpone the actual blankety picnic till Friday night when the hubby's will be more likely to stay awake with us and in the mean time the dear girl and I would simply go out to the back patio behind the apartment complex and make do with tables and twinkle lights. Food was prepared...homemade hummus, cucumbers and carrots and bell peppers from my garden at my parents, red onion, marinated artichoke hearts and iced Celestial Seasonings Ginger Peach Tea were my contribution and Alliekins brought cherrys, nectarines (PERFECT and promptly sliced into my tea) plums, blue corn chips and guacamole. I don't know about her but I stuffed myself silly, it's so easy when it's clean simply unproccessed foods like that.

I decided to bring down the small TV and VCR and upon my discovery that someone had never seen LA. Story we watched it while we snacked and soaked our tootsies in The Kidlet's tiny pool to take the edge off the muggy heat (it shouldn't be in the 90's at indeed)

We had ourselves a swell little get-together and are going to try to make a regular habit of this, it was lovely and I'm so very happy to have grown to know this darling of a person. It's nice to have company when one is up in the wee hours of the morning, as well as the days when everyone else is at work and I have a wee child trying to drive me to distraction (he ADORES her btw) unless "Owie" comes up to hang out with us.

Sigh, a lovely day, and a lovely evening's now technically morning, I MUST get some rest.

Lovies and Lalapalooza,