Friday, May 21, 2010

Our 5th Anniversary Date.

Yeah, he's pretty much super cute.

Dark wing Duck?


Our camera does not like night time.

Oh yes, we know how to party.

Shoes from my Sis for Christmas years ago.
And the Mr.'s shoes being his anniversary present last year, if you remember the post (it was my very first post actually. Although I think I only took pictures of the brown pair I bought him at the same time.)

(I told you. Night time does not agree with my camera)
Dress: Macy's clearance
Sweater: Neighbor's yard sale
Slip: Neighbors yard sale
Pins: Various Thrift and Vintage stores

My sister took The Kidlet to her house to spend the night and The Mr. read a book whilst I got ready. I hadn't given any thought into what I was going to wear because I spent aaaaaaall day running around the house like a mad woman trying to get it set to rights after a month of letting it fall into wrongs. Very, very wrongs. (I took pics! As soon as I get pics of how good it looks now, I will show you the horror!!!) But I did it! (Almost, I didn't get all the floors mopped and there are a few dishes in the sink but compared to what it was before...a dramatically vast improvement!)

So, I suddenly found myself in a clean and eerily quiet house. No 2-year-old making messes behind me as a clean. It was weird. So, I started perusing my closet trying to figure out what to wear and came across a dress that I bought 8 years ago when I worked at Macy's. It was originally a ton of money (almost $200!!!) but is a weird bias cut and has weird pointy sections on the hem that make it an odd fit so it ended up being on clearance, on clearance, on clearance. The detailing on it was so pretty and me being the sucker I am for "it's a $200 dress for $15!!!!!" made me buy it....

....and then NEVER wear it but NEVER get rid of it. It's been stuffed in the back of my closet for 8 years. I take it out occasionally and have thought about cutting it up to make a top out of it or something. (I had the scissors out tonight, as a matter of fact)

I suddenly thought of the slip I bought off the neighbor, figured I'd try it but I had low hopes for this dress actually working....

It's an anniversary miracle!!! I'm so happy with how it turned out and how much more I love it with the added pins and earrings I put on it. There is an awesome pic I saw on someones blog that had a lot of embellishments on the collar like this (I'll find it and do another post on it to show you) and I've been wanting to try something like it ever since.

We went to Whole Foods for dinner. I have a million food allergies so though the ambiance may be lacking the fact that I don't have to harass a waiter about every little ingredient makes up for the lack of candle lighting!

After stuffing ourselves on delicious chicken and lentil salad and cave aged Gruyere we realized we were out of time to make it to Anthropologie and so instead made our way to the theater to see Iron Man 2. Super romantic, right? Hee hee! Nicholas Sparks just doesn't work for me. I'm tired of watching people die at the end of his movies. Ugh.

I was super surprised at how much I liked it. There were a couple unnecessarily cheesy lines in it but for the most part was a "fun romp". We bought a chocolate bar at Whole Foods and snuck it in, in my purse and nibbled it during the movie. When it was done we found a small photo booth with terrible quality pictures, nothing as good as the fair, but it was still fun. Then we frolicked in the kids playground area as you can see.

We finally headed home and now here we are, The Mr. is heading to bed and I have to teach in the morning so I'm heading there too.

Oh, and the evening soundtrack while we were in the car was Amelie. I walked down the aisle to her theme. It will always bring back that feeling...whenever I hear it...pure bliss.

So there you have it, 5 years down and it was an absolute breeze if I do say so myself.

I am so blessed, that man is amazing. I don't want to brag or bore you with details of all the things I love about him. The list is too long anyway.

But yes siree, I am one lucky girl.

Lovies and love stories,



tess said...

congrats, sounds like a fun night!

I really like Iron Man 2 it was actually a fun action movie, so rare these days!

Sara Lynn said...

Congrats! You look lovely and I am glad you held onto that dress. It looks like you had sooo much fun too! Oh man, I dont even have kids and I can't manage to clean for the life of me. Are you willing to post tips? I get so sidetracked!

Stephanie said...

Cute pictures! What a great deal for your dress. I thought it was vintage and I like the slips underneath. You two are lovely. :)

Amber's Notebook said...

What an Adorable couple!!

sarah marie p said...

Happy anniversary! You kids are adorable!
And I love your dress! So pretty! Oooh and those pins are perfect!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

You guys are super cute! I loved everything about this post, it made me feel all warm inside :)

x Jasmine

Lisa said...

Happy anniversary, such a dashing couple and it looks like you had a lot of fun too!