Monday, May 17, 2010

Michael Porter Photography

From left...Tommy (lead singer, guitar, ukulele) Michael (trombone, photography) The Kidlet, Me, The Mr., Bruce (bass, keyboard) Patrick (drums, percussion)


Garage Voice playing with The Voetbergs

Ah Yosemite!!!

The Mr. and The Kidlet

Yes, my face may be scary, but so are these dolls....made worse by the fact that there are two of them....what are the odds?

my boys.

The Kidlet

I cannot even tell you how much I adore this picture.

I forgot how plump he was! He lost so much weight after having the stomach flu. Here he looks like a baby, now he looks like a kid. :-(

Us (Sing the Body) practicing with Garage Voice.

So I know I post about the band Garage Voice a lot...but in my opinion I cannot say enough. They are not only beautiful talented musicians but they are beautiful people as well. Their hearts make me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Just lovely people, you know those people, he ones that just make things lovelier by being?

Well anyway, one of the fellows that isn't technically in the band but plays with them from time to time, is also an amazing photographer. In the words of Will Ferrel as Robert Goulet "do yourself a friggin service" and check his stuff out here. Michael Porter is a doll and a half and we can't wait for him to come visit us in September. Seriously, look at how amazing all these photos are!?!?! You will never again be content with my pitiful photos after enjoying all the photos above.


To see more of his pics from the Garage Voice tour go here!

And have a lovely day.

Lovies and Little Things,


PS. I will be getting back to the kids book outfits ASAP. Don't worry, not done yet.

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