Friday, October 1, 2010

I have been shamefull;y remiss...

So much happening in the last month or so since I last posted. Forgive me for my neglectful ways!!!

We have been living on an air mattress in an empty apartment with no internet, not TV, and hardly any books and only a couple outfits. I have kept myself busy cooking bone broths, lacto-fermenting peppers after fire-roasting them, seafood chowders, spaghetti squash, apple sauce, and many other delights. (God bless the inventor of the crock pot!!!)
Things are going swimmingly even as they are not....

I think our land lady started getting an idea about how much all the remodeling is going to cost her because she said she wanted to retest the apartment again to see exactly where the mold is so she knows how many rooms to tear forward a week and a half...we hadn't seen anyone coming or going to our apartment from the testing company and we called her. She said, "yeah, guess what, there is no more mold!!!" TADA! No work was done other than some cosmetic things...and yet the mold magically cleared up??!?!?!?!

Yeah right. We asked our Dr. if this was a possibility and he said no way. Sooooo, we are going to try to diffuse a blend of oils that someone recommended that is supposed to help kill the airborne spores and cut down on chances of infection. Fingers crossed that this works!!!

So, we will be trying that and will be praying that it can at least keep us from getting reinfected for the next couple months because....

....Big news....

The Mr. is getting a promotion which will result in us moving TO THE COAST! TO THE TOWN WE GO TO ON VACATION!!!!!! Away from the horrible air, the hot weather, the dead brown grass....

We are kind of in shock and there is a lot that has to be worked out (ie:'s rather expensive) but we are excited too.

I'm a little scared, I've lived in this town my entire life, all my friends and most of my family are will be hard....but if it's where we are supposed to be, we will make do! (Ummm, and it's gorgeous and beautiful and bike friendly and the air is clean!!!)


My new doctor has been working wonders. I am no longer allergic to EGGS! Tomatoes! Garlic! Milk! and he is working on eventually reversing all the other allergies too.
My thyroid is functioning normally!!!
I get sleepy at 11pm!!!!
I still feel tired but the lack of motivation has disappeared. (hence all the cooking!!!) So I still want naps but I don't always take them because I want to do other things more!!!!!
The infection is pretty much cleared up for me (though The Mr. and The Kidlet have since been tested and they are both starting treatment too. Poor guys!)

So yeah. I am getting better. We might get worse when we go back into that apartment, but we don't have to live there very much longer. I cannot express how amazing it is to hear things like, "____ is functioning normally".
I'm used to being the exception to the rule but it's always in negative ways like, "We don't know how it's possible for you to have THIS many issues!!!"

Now it's turned into, "I'm amazed at how quickly you are healing! It's phenomenal how much
stronger your immune system is!!!"

My mind is boggled.

So. Moving home soon. Pictures and normal blogging to resume post haste.

Miss you lovelies!

Lovies and Lagging,