Friday, January 27, 2012


*tears and whimpering*

Ugh. I can barely move, typing this is almost unbearable...I am afraid this really puts a damper on the shop opening. At this point I will have to say, it's TBA.


So many exciting things going on this weekend....and now I get to spend it groaning in bed like a zombie, curled up in a fetal position.


Hope you all stay healthy and happy!

Lovies and languishing,

Sooo, it is 4am as I write this...and it's official, I have the flu or some nasty bug, my lymph nodes are the size of grapefruits (possible exaggeration) and I am fairly certain there is a hot coal of fire situated somewhere near one of my tonsils.

I am going to try my darndest to get the shop opened by noon but (ugh, this is so embarrassing) that's in 8 hours and I MUST sleep.  The shame is uncomfortable as much as this bug is, but I am afraid the shop will be postponed until Saturday. :-( 

Thursday, January 26, 2012



*drum roll*


What luck! Amanda was the winner of the Valentines I made last year! 
(stay tuned, we are hoping to have another Valentine giveaway this year as well, tba)

Remember to check in tomorrow at noon for The Strawberry Window ETSY SHOP opening.

CONGRATS, Miss Amanda!  Thank you for your support! Love you, little chicky, and wish we were in the same town so we could sing and craft together!

Lovies and Luck,


Day late and a dollar short....



Sooo, I'm afraid I am going to have to do what I really didn't want to do, and that is delay the shop opening by a day. I am soooo sorry for the inconvenience, this mostly applies to my mother, sister, and mother-in-law as I think they are the ones that actually follow this blog religiously. ;-))  If you are not family and you are disappointed by this news 1. I am so sorry. 2. I am deeply appreciative that you care!!! :-)

I will still be announcing the winner of the headband GIVEAWAY today at noon (only a couple hours left!!!) but being out of town, snowed in, up in the mountains for the last week and making it back home a day later than planned has set me back...a day! Sooooo, tomorrow at noon, the shop will be launching. I just don't want to make a shoddy attempt at the opening and want to make sure we have decent pics of products ready to go.

Today will be a flurry of activity and busy-bee-ness, trying to finish up the final details and such.

I hope that this news isn't too disappointing and yet bums you out a little bit (juuuuust a teensy, tiny bit) because then that means people besides the mom's and sister are reading this! (For the record, my dear family, your encouragement and support are precious and priceless to me! Precious in the true sense, not the condescending  sense.)

Love you guys and will be back to announce the winner in a couple hours! :-D

Lovies and late-as-usual,


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shaver Lake Part 1




















Allie, formerly of The Cat and the Cow (Le sigh, how I do miss her blog!!!)





Sooooo, if you've been nosing around on LB's blog (themockingbirdmusicbox) you may have seen that we've had the opportunity to enjoy a friend's lovely home
 near Shaver Lake. It's been a delightful vacation, spending time with friends and cooking and lovely walks and hot tubs and movies and cuddling! The Kidlet started coming down with something on the walk (as you can see from that sad little face) but recovered quickly, just a fever and a sad little headache and chills but it was over in about 24 hours.

Last night, LB and I put on our skippy (yes, skippy, not skimpy) bathing suits, tied up our hair and filled the jet tub and watched the newest episode of Downton Abbey on PBS. Yeah, we know how to party! Bathing suits and Masterpiece Classics! ;-)

I hope you're all having a smashing week as well! Though we are in the mountains there has been no snow (driest year, yikes!!!) but it started raining today! YEA!!! Hopefully there will be snow soon!  How is it in your neck of the woods? Snow? Rain? Cold? Sunny?


Today we are buckling down and working on more stuff for the shop!  Don't forget, the GIVEAWAY to celebrate the opening of The Strawberry Window on Etsy on Thursday the 26th at noon Pacific Standard Time!  The giveaway ends at noon, the shop opens at noon!!!  :-D Be sure to get your entries in!!!! If you are making posts about the giveaway on facebook then be sure to "like" The Strawberry Window HERE and link there! :-D Or like us there for the heck of it anyway! ;-)


Stay warm, stay loving, stay gracious, stay compassionate,

Lovies and light showers,


Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Photo Session with Josie Farrior








We recently had the opportunity to have some pictures taken by the sweet and lovely Josie Farrior. She is not only stunningly beautiful but she is also the kindest and dearest little pixie you could ever hope to meet! She is, clearly, a talented photographer and I so appreciate her taking the afternoon to take us to beautiful fields and Elfin Forests (pictures to come....seriously, it's called the Elfin Forest!!!!) to capture some wonderful memories with our family!

Please check out her blog and encourage her to post and update it ;-) Also feel fee to contact her if you live on the central coast and are needing some pictures done!!! You will not regret working with her!

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway coming from the soon to be opened shop, The Strawberry Window!!! (will be opening on Etsy on January 26th)

Lovies and leaps of faith, 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Strawberry Window GIVEAWAY







So, it's really truly happening. After years of talking about it, thinking about it, swearing it was going to is actually happening!!!

The Etsy shop, The Strawberry Window, will be opening January 26th!!!  To celebrate the opening I'm giving away this moth headband!!! I'll announce the winner on the 26th so PLEASE enter and spread the word around! If you don't win this one at least there will be others available to purchase beginning that day! (Also, feel free to hint around to whomever you like just in time for Valentines Day!)

To enter the giveaway, please post about the giveaway on your blog, your facebook, tumblr, what have you. I am NOT going to stipulate that you begin following my blog (though admittedly, it would be nice) but you might consider it as there will be another giveaway for one of the other items that will be sold in the shop sometime in the next month.  Once you have posted on whatever outlet you have, please post the link here in the comments with your name. (You do NOT have to include your email address, as long as I can get a hold of you when it's all over, I rethought that and figured you might not want your personal email showing on a public forum)


Lovies and Lilliputians,

Just to clarify one more time as there has been some confusion, share THIS link about the giveaway on your outlet of choice, FB, blogspot, wordpress, tumblr, instagram, etc. Once you have posted it, put the link to YOUR post back here in the comments OR to The Strawberry Window facebook page HERE. This will officially enter you for the moth headband.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Cover of The Zuton's "Confusion" (aptly named)

1. We are not under the impression that we are as awesome as our mum's say...though it is awfully sweet that they think such things about us.

2. Miss L.B. is really completely serious about marrying you, Andy Samberg, if you are reading this.

3. I am also completely seriously about the scientific leaps in cloning potentially making the possibility of  Clone Me marrying you, Andy, should Lauren accept Ryan Goslings proposals of marriage....I choose to use an "S" and say "proposals" as a plural as I'm sure there will be many once RG learns of who Miss L.B. is...


Lovies and lichen, 


PS. The Strawberry Window loves you...even if you aren't Andy Samberg...but especially if you ARE Andy Samberg (Ryan Gosling, this also applies to you but don't feel out Lee Pace or Joseph Gordon Levitt...we don't want any of you too feel left out or wounded by our favoritism...also we love you Zooey D. but then again, who (that isn't stupid crazy) doesn't?)

I'm done. For really reals....

Gypsy Love and Sherlock Holmes

So many posts in one week. Shocking, I know.  I feel like my wardrobe choices have been all over the map lately, even manic...but I cant help it since I've been vibing a lot of different things lately. Baby doll dress and thigh high socks will always be my tried and true staple but after seeing Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows last night, it changed things up a bit. I couldn't help but try on a skirt I'd acquired at Ruby Rose several months ago without cinching it with a belt at the waist (it's a little large and requires a lot of folding over) and making it a completely different look..That of a Gypsy!!! I want to be HER, seriously, can I be HER please!!!!  

Noomi Rapace is not only lovely but she is so cool with her horse back riding and knife throwing (not down with the tarot cards...yikesies) but she is tough and still feminine, gorgeous but not sluttified. Basically, she's pretty skippy!

noomi-rapace (1)

Soooo, I've been listening to Beats Antique, Cocorosie, Gogol Bordello and other random gypsy violin players all is what it all has inspired...






I had a lovely embroidered vest that was quite the ticket but I felt it made the outfit more of a costume. Too bad. :-/ 

So there you have it, my sad, little teenage girl reason for a style change, the classic girl crush. "Oh isn't she sooooo cool!" Apparently, we don't grow out of that.

... now I just need a horse and the fighting skills (I already have the throwing knives)

Lovies and Lagoons, 


Friday, January 6, 2012

Prep school Days

(Chestnut corduroy blazer - $3!!!)

(Thrifted Cableknit Sweater - $1)

(Thrifted rugby cardigan - $1.50)

(Thrifted J. Crew top - $1.50, Thrifted skirt, it was about 4 times too big AND down to my ankles, just sewed a straight line up the back and hemmed it - $1!!! Thrifted nordstrom tie - $1!)

(Thrifted vintage plaid garment bag - said $6 but the guy gave it to me for $5!!! Thrifted vintage carpet bag purse - $3!  Yard sale vintage hat box luggage - $2.50!!!)

(Sadly, I do not have the key for this beauty, but I can buckle it and unbuckle it, thank heavens it wasn't locked!!!)

(Thrifted belt - .50 CENTS!!!)

(these shoes were the most expensive part of the outfit, originally $100 at U.O. but marked down and then additional sale made them $30 (which is still more than I usually pay for shoes...but I had Christmas money!!!!)

This post is a culmination of several things. Last night, before I went to sleep I made a list of everything I had to do today, and a list of things I wanted to post. One of those things was "thrifted items". It's been a really long time since I've done a thrift post and the main reason is....... the new town we live in has TERRIBLE thrifting.  In our home town someone actually made a zine just listing and reviewing all the thrift stores available to us. Here on the central coast of California we have 4 or 5 total. It's pretty slim pickings as well as really over-priced. BUT, I've made do by getting some thrifting in whenever I go back to visit family.  I made quite the haul on the last visit and whilst I am only showing a few pieces in this particular post, (a lot of it is stuff I've collected over the last few years, but the tie, belt and plaid garment bag are my recent finds) I hope to post more soon (mustard and moss green vintage Pendalton blanket??? YES PLEASE!)

The other reasons behind this post is  that I wore a variation of this outfit on New Years Day and received several taunting remarks about going "back to school". ;-P THEN I wake up this morning and find a new blog by Aminta and she just so happens to be doing a Tommy Hilfiger Giveaway. All I had to do was add her on FB and post a comment on her blog with my email address but she offered us the idea of dressing up in our "best prep school look".  Sooooo, I find myself with this was kind of the kick in the pants I needed to actually post some of the thrifted items.  Hope you enjoy it and check out her blog! Wish me luck and same to you if you enter!!! :-D

Lovies and lucky stars,