Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sing the Body EP Release Show!!!!

So this coming up Friday the EP will finally be done. I have to get the leaflets for the inside typed up still but other than that, the cases and the CD's are ready to go. It's going to be a 5 song EP. Hurrah!

The boys from Garage Voice will be here from Washington and we are going to be fortunate enough to see them a day early.
(check out their link, lovely photography from one of the fellows in the band)
Poor things have to sleep on our living room floor but they said they don't mind. I really hope that all works out with us being able to work on new stuff together, The Mr. is going to take some time off work so he can be free to hang with the guys a bit more. Can't wait....but I know this week is going to go by super fast and I'm scared. My to-do list is long and I am a procrastinator. Oh nooooo......

Wish us luck!

Lovies and lipbalm,


PS. what to wear.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recent Bargains

They remind me of macaroons....

Can't wait to wear this!!!!

Little covered bowl for nuts, presumably.

More pics for my bathroom wall....which reminds me, I should do a post on my bathroom wall sometime. ;-)

A cassette player and two glass bottles with glass toppers.
Can't wait to get The Kidlet some blank tapes and let him run wild. I LOOOVED that when I was a kid.

Sorry was my favorite game as a kid...for the life of me, I cannot remember how to play it.
I already played Battleship with Allie (Catandthecow) she won. :-( Hee hee.

I'm sure we will find a use for this in the band.

Last weekend a neighbor had a garage sale. I should have taken more pics because she is quite the treasure hunter and has the most DEE-lightful things. Clothing, furniture, nic-knacks, you name it....adorable, vintage perfection.

I walked away with an armful of clothes, and more stuff to max out the non-existent space in our apartment. Well worth it though.

She's having another one this weekend as she is moving away to Portland and is purging herself of almost everything except for her books and about 1/3 of her wardrobe. Everything else must go. I feel bad for taking advantage of such great deals and I'm sad to see her go but I guess I will have to find some solace in the lovely items she's letting me buy from her. :-(

Lovies and Lunchtime,


PS. Wait till you see the clothes!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Two posts in one day...weird I know.

But I had to post about this. The Kidlet came running to me and said, "Whooozat Door?!?". I hadn't even heard a knock. I ran to the front door and said "Who is it!?!?" No answer. "WHO IS IT!?!?!?" Nothing. I checked the peep hole, no one. So I tentatively opened the door and TADA!!!!

WHAT'S THIS!!?!?!?


The autoharp I used to play in the band was only 12 chords and acoustic and had broken strings (it costs a fortune to get them restrung), then we upped to a 15 chord that someone lent to us for a while but then recently had to take it back.....

We have been saving and researching and TADA! We found a 21 chords, ELECTRIC, with a built in tuner and an ability to fine tune that neither of the other Autoharps had. Siiiiggghh, it's like going from driving a Yugo and then getting a Lexus with seat warmers and a moon roof and a radio!!! Sigh!

Now, to re-learn the darn chords before our show on the 30th!!!! For some reason they rearranged all the chords. When going from a 12 to a 15 I only had to learn where the new chords were, just added on to the end of what was already there, this one is just completely different so all the chords I used to know are all hinky, I'm skeeered.

Practice, practice, practice!

Amelie, Yann Tiersan, Typhoon and my 100th post!

I love this version of the movie poster!!! Sigh for Red Rooms!

Le sigh.

Bekkah, Annie, Me


Oh Yann, our hearts are full.

The gent on the right, next to me, was the bass player and an extremely handsome fellow (think French Clive Owen) though this pic just makes he looks super goofy. I think he was proud of himself for saying "say cheese". ;-)

Night before last I had the immense pleasure of getting to see Yann Tiersen at a very small venue on his way to Coachella. It was only $18 (which is a lot for someone that mostly attends small local shows but well worth it for the man responsible for the music of Amelie, Goodbye Lenin and many other lovelinesses...let's pretend that's a word) and worth every penny. His music is magical and beyond! We played parts of the Amelie soundtrack at our wedding and it will always hold a special place in my heart for all the wonderful memories it conjures up for us.

As you can see, so beautiful, sadly my camera ran out of memory literally 10 seconds before the song ended. Sorry!

A lovely band called Typhoon opened for them, they had two violinists, two drummers (with full sets of drums each) two guitarists, a bassist two trumpet players, a percussionist and an accordionist (or maybe it a was concertina...I'm not sure) they were delightful and super nice. I bought their CD (they had it available for early release for those at shows). It comes out in May I believe so be sure to check them out!!!

Yann played all manner of loveliness and we all stood in awe and rapture...sigh...le sigh.

For those attending Coachella right now, I hope you have half as nice of a time as we did.

When the show was over everyone dispersed fairly quickly. Due to a mix up and some drama involving someone's e-cigarette and alcohol consumption (neither of which I consume) we ended up hanging around for a while after the show was over.....lucky for us, the drama kept us there long enough to find Yann Tiersen making his way outside and we were actually able to meet him, and get a few pictures with him. I died. It was amazing. Of course, every bit (which isn't much to begin with) of French I happened to know flew out of my brain, with the exception of being able to tell him he was 'my lovely cabbage". Somehow that didn't seem appropriate. So I kept my mouth shut.


Lovies and Larkspur,


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy Bee Me!

Apparently, when I run...I look like I have chicken wings. Bah-gaaawk!

I want to bite their faces I love them so much!

These are my end-of-winter-white legs, they are my favorite accessory of the moment.

Thank heaven for BooBoo Records!

So the last month has been super busy with many random things. Easter, spring break, finishing the CD, getting asked to be in more music projects, shows....on and on.

So there you have it, pitiful excuses but they're all I've got and all I've been doing.

I am now singing in 2 other projects besides Sing the Body and I'm supposed to sing for yet another one in the next month or so. Yikes! Our town must be really scarce on female vocalists if I'm what people are having to use. Oh well, I feel bad, like these other bands deserve better but at the same time I'm so excited to get to work on these amazing projects with such talented friends.
This last Sunday a friend stopped by and said that he had an emergency and needed me to sing with him for a show on Tuesday, we practiced a bit then and there, again on Monday with the other guitarist/singer and then again on Tuesday right before the show....all things considered, I think it turned out really well and although I was nervous it was still fun. The friend's name is Matt Bedrosian check his stuff out, it's lovely! (and no, even though I took the camera I didn't get a single shot!!!)

We are trying to finish up the packaging for the CD, it's just an EP but our release show is at the end of the month, Matt Bedrosian, Garage Voice, and Stereo Substance are playing with us and at least one member from Sing the Body will be doing at least one song with each of the other bands so it will be a night of collaboration!!!

Oh, and the pics I posted are from our trip to the coast again for The Mr.'s spring break. It was only a day trip, all we had time for, but still lovely. The morning we left it said it was supposed to rain, but by the time we got there it was pure blue skies and loveliness the rest of the day.

I promise to try to post more soon.

(For from the Yann Teirsen may think you don't know who he is, but if you ever saw Amelie then you are familiar with his work...he composed the score!!!)

Lovies and lagging blogger,