Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love and Sickness

It's been a busy week. The Kidlet has been ill and it looks like I will have to take him to the doctor tomorrow (I hate doctor's offices, thankful they're there when needed but still carry a certain amount of loathing for them) if things remain unchanged from the last couple days.


But I am blessed in spite of the things that make me fearful. The Mr. is, as always, wonderful, delightful and a rock for me when I am frightened. (Nothing like a sick child to make you feel the powerlessness of being human.)

But as I said, blessed and grateful for those blessings.

A husband I adore who adores me in return.
A son like sunshine itself.
A snug and cozy home I love.
AIR CONDITIONING with 108 temps outside!!!!

I could go on and on but most importantly I have a relationship with a God that loves me as His own daughter and because of him I have everything. The blessings and the trials and all because He loves me.

Yeah, life is pretty good even when it's hard.

Love and lolligaggers,



Karencilla said...

Thanks for your lovely comment.

Isn't God great? He is amazing!.

The Body Electric said...

He really is amazing!!!! I don't know why it's so easy to me to become distracted from that truth. Sigh, ew. It will be so awesome when that day comes and we won't have to fight this fallen nature anymore!

Update* The doctor said they don't know what's wrong with him but that he seems to be holding up ok and it's just a waiting game seeing if he gets worse and starts to improve...soooo I get to "be still and know He is God" and trust that in His timing The Kidlet will recover.

Siggghhhhh, waiting. Oy I'm bad at that!