Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Craft Desk

After much work to nail this thing back together and get 5 million coats of paint on it so the red was actually red and not fuchsia....TA DA! Finally done, transported to the house and set up. Might I say, it has been a delight to have all my supplies accessible and easy to use. Hopefully this will be one more thing to inspire me to get all the ideas in my head out and into reality. We shall see what happens. Many thanks and much love to The Mr. for finishing this up for me, such a sweetheart, and moved to the house when I wasn't expecting it. As you can see, it's loverly and I've already been inspired to get the little snail paintings done. Hopefully more shall follow.

There is a lot going on in our family at the moment so I haven't had much time to diligently post. Forgive you two (hee hee) Hopefully things will settle down a bit when we know for sure if this possible move (out of state) is actually going to happen. Like I said, lots going on. Siiiigggghhh.

Prayers are always welcomed.

Lovies and Lindy-hoppers,



Sarah Jane said...

Oooooh it looks wonderful! I adore the lamp and all the lovely nick-nacks you have put on there!


The Body Electric said...

Why thank you Miss! Yeah I'm lovin' it! Especially after how hinky it looked when we started. The awesome knobs were a gift from The Mr. for this last Valentines Day and they perfectly!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!