Monday, July 13, 2009

As The Mr. has recently finished painting my craft desk I have been collecting tins from my favorite thrift store on 50% off day to try to organize all the bits and pieces of stuff I hoard. I think the most that any of these tins were marked was $1.00 but most of them are .59 to .79 cents. take 50% off of that and I think I made a fantastic investment. More pics to come soon of the whole desk situated in all of it's loveliness!

We're off to swim at my dear friend MTB's (Mom-to-be...any minute....she was due yesterday poor darling!) mom's pool (SALINE!!!! AAAAHHH, no burning eyes from toxic chlorine...weeeeee!) Go check out MTB's new blog! She is so charming and full of loveliness and has the best luck at thrift stores, I told her she should start a blog showing all her wonderful finds...SHE FINALLY DID IT! Check it out here....let's see if that worked? I finally had one of my other favorite people tell me how to do that link thing (fingers crossed Kate!) I am so computer inept!

Lovies and Lula Magazines,



Kate said...

It worked!! YAY! Congrats.

And your friends blog is Fresno ladies and your thrift finds! I'm so impressed!


The Body Electric said...

THANK YOU M'Dear! Yes indeedy we've found some great stuff lately, wait till you see the dresses I got at St. Vincent's with her....mwahahahah!