Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little Bits of Loveliness...

As of late I have been perusing more and more of Etsy in preparation for starting my own account and selling all the things I have in my head that will hopefully come to fruition. (Fingers crossed!) In doing so I have come across the most delightful pair of girls. Seriously, watch above video and moon over the beautiful whimsy that makes up their abode. (Sadly, according to Francesca's Etsy account info she's movie across the country. I'm a little sorrowful for these girls I don't even know to be losing each other.)

I posted both their etsy accounts and Francesca's blog as well (I really wish I could learn how to do that "click (here)" thing that everyone and their mother seems to be able to do.) They have these photos that make you say, "That's it, the charming life I've always dreamed of!", because you don't see them on the bad hair days, cleaning toilets, or botching, instead you get to enjoy the highlights of their lives....

Have a lovely Sunday!

Lovies and laughter,



Kate said...

Glad that you are going to do an etsy shop! You'll be great at it.

Also, the way to do the "click here" thing is to write out whatever the text is that you want to link to...for example,


and then highlight the word bubbles and click the link button next to the italicize button (it almost looks like googly eyes with a globe behind it). Then you type in the link you want to link to in the box that pops up. Try it!

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