Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Underwater TUESDAY!!!

Ok, so I know I usually wait till Wednesdays to post underwater pictures but I can't wait till then. Again, thanks to Marcus for getting these shots so I can have these AMAZING PHOTOS!!!!!! (I am wearing a curtain I found at a Thrift Store a couple weeks back for a dollar!!!!) I can't thank him enough! I don't believe in astrology but I am an Aquarius Pisces and I admit there is just something about the pull of water for me. I'm enamored with it! These pictures capture some of the magic it holds for me and I hope it translates to you as well.

Tuesday is blues day!!!!

Love and Rockets,



Karencilla said...

Hello girl! thanks for stopping by at my blog. And leaving such interesting comment. It is really true, She needs Jesus.
I am LOVING your under the water pictures. Hope to see you again around my blog!

The Body Electric said...

Thanks my dear, it's true, she does as we all do! So glad I found him!!!

Thanks, my new underwater camera has me quite fascinated as well!!!!! WEEEEEE!