Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunshine State of Mind.

The famous Mr. Marcus

here are some pics from a while back when we were coming home from Dinky and caught the sun getting ready to hit the hay. I didn't realize till today how many back lit sun shots I got so I figured I'd post them together here for viewing pleasure.

Hope you've had a lovely week.

FYI our band (incidentally, also named Sing the Body) is playing tomorrow night at Kuppajoe. Perhaps I will see you there.

Btw, one of the band members (the one that also records most of the indie bands around here) is talking about recording us soon. I guess he and the other more talented of the group aren't seeing it as a silly little project with me but as something more and worth pursuing. I'm scared, nervous and honored. Hopefully my voice will hold up. EGAD!

Lovies and Leotards,



Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Aww :) Great photos.

The Body Electric said...

thank you so much!!!! It was sooo hot and I usually don't see much beauty in the dryness of the deserty area we live in, but the sun and the grass just glowed and made me feel content. So happy we caught the moment!