Thursday, July 16, 2009

LULA!!!!! and Inspirations

So The Mr. came home from work today carrying a package. I didn't remember buying anything off of Ebay recently that was as big as this....He said, "Don't know what it is but it's from Kate."

And it does not disappoint, oddly enough it is filled with all the little things I've been obsessed with lately.... BOWS!

Ethereal soft pompadoured, puffed hair (Betsy Books, anyone?)

......Bright oranges and more bows!

Straw hats and even better, STRAW HAT BOWS!I must go peruse it some more!!! Thank you a million times over Kate, and thank you to your mum! And thank you for mailing it up to me! Cheers to friends with wonderful taste with mother that live in GB that are sweet enough to mail two copies to her daughter so she can send one to a friend. Lucky me!

Other things you must check out....

Things you should take a gander at!

New blog o' my heart

As for this link, there is a photographer here in town that took pictures for a wedding I did makeup for. I don't do it much anymore these days, I'm just so bad at trying to advertise and promote myself. I don't know why....but anyhow, here it is. I finally got pictures from a wedding I've done. That's my other deterrent, I always forget to snap some pics for myself. Anyhoo, here is a slide show and you can check out the loverly bride! Sweet thing that she is, I'm so glad Lindsay and Chris finally tied the knot, they're so adorable together!

Lindsay and Chris's wedding


Allie Hampton said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE those pics! Cant wait to see the whole magazine!

The Body Electric said...

Yes indeed, you must borrow it. The whole thing is filled with bows and straw hats (something I am now on the prowl for since coming across Apple A Day) I want a BOATER HAT!

Kate said...

YAY!!!! I'm so happy you are so happy. I think it's the best issue I've seen, or at least tied with the Kirsten Dunst one. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy! I will tell my Mom how happy you are...and of course, next Lula will be yours too. :-)


The Body Electric said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes indeed, I am so excited about it! I took it to a show with me tonight and between bands I passed it around to several friends, I'm thinking about making it a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of thing I hated that movie but I'm so delighted with it I feel selfish not sharing it's beauty with others.....I had to pay it forward so to speak. I couldn't quite let it go home with anyone yet....hee! So yes, thank so much from my heart and from the other girls of Fresno that would otherwise not have the opportunity to witness such splendor! ;-)