Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Mr. and Me II

Fourth of July a couple years back.

Me trying to bite his face. ???

On our way to a friends fabulous 40's/50's wedding!

At an Eisley concert.

I don't remember where we were, but I remember the feeling.

On our honeymoon.

Right after our ceremony.

Our engagement picture.
10 Things About The Mr. and Me

1.) When we met he was 19 and I was 22. Not so scandalous now but it seemed so to people at the time.

2.) I met his family when I was 6. I remember his brother and sister but not him. Probably because I was twice his age and thus we weren't playing together.

3.) He is an early riser and I am a night owl x10. It makes it interesting to try to sync schedules together.

4.) He is the most giving, selfless person I have ever met whereas I am a (recovering) selfish person and feel bad that he is stuck with me sometimes. Poor guy!

5.) Together we have seen Coldplay in concert 4 times (before they became too famous for us to afford tickets) The first concert playing a huge part in reuniting us back into each other's lives after we broke up and hadn't any contact with each other in months. It took another 6 months for us to "get back together" but it was so nice to at least have my best friend back!!!!

6.) He is happy studying for hours alone whereas I am happy reading books but want people around to play with!

7.) He is quiet. I am, sadly, loud and obnoxious.

8.) He buys flowers for me for no reason other than he thinks I will like them! (and I do!)

9.) He thought I was beautiful when I was 25 lb.s heavier than I am matter what size I am he's always telling me I am beautiful. He is always a bean pole of a man and I adore him though I am trying to fatten him up, for his own good. (It's the Italian in me, I can't help but want to feed everyone I meet)

10.) For his entire life he thought his last name (Glazebrook) was German until 3 months ago, come to find out, he's English! ;-) No more harassing him for not liking Sauerkraut (which I love!!!!)
So there you have it, nothing extraordinary to anyone but us. But we are quite pleased with each other and our happy little life together with the kidlet.

Have a loverly day,

Lovies and Leprechauns,



Allie Hampton said...

YAY! You guys are so great together! And you make the cutest babies!

The Body Electric said...

Why thank you! I know we made a cute baby (singular) but I just don't know if we'll have that sort of luck twice in a row ;-) AAHAHH!