Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Allie Cat and the Midnight Picnic

Alliecat making The Kidlet laugh with my hat!

Unfocused, I know, but their expressions are priceless!!!!

The Kidlet was put out that there was a baby belly in the way.

Isn't she stunning! (and wishing that dern babykins would get out of the belly!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here, let me help you hold that....

I think she enjoyed the movie but still had her mind on the fact that the baby is 3 days overdue now...

i admit it, I adore Steve Martin (le sigh)
MTB and I have been wanting to have a night time picnic for a while now and today plans were made to finally make it happen. The problem with night owls being married to morning men is they are already in bed by this time and feel uncomfortable with their wives (one being pregnant) scampering around the neighborhood trying to find a place to put a blanket. It was decided to postpone the actual blankety picnic till Friday night when the hubby's will be more likely to stay awake with us and in the mean time the dear girl and I would simply go out to the back patio behind the apartment complex and make do with tables and twinkle lights. Food was prepared...homemade hummus, cucumbers and carrots and bell peppers from my garden at my parents, red onion, marinated artichoke hearts and iced Celestial Seasonings Ginger Peach Tea were my contribution and Alliekins brought cherrys, nectarines (PERFECT and promptly sliced into my tea) plums, blue corn chips and guacamole. I don't know about her but I stuffed myself silly, it's so easy when it's clean simply unproccessed foods like that.

I decided to bring down the small TV and VCR and upon my discovery that someone had never seen LA. Story we watched it while we snacked and soaked our tootsies in The Kidlet's tiny pool to take the edge off the muggy heat (it shouldn't be in the 90's at indeed)

We had ourselves a swell little get-together and are going to try to make a regular habit of this, it was lovely and I'm so very happy to have grown to know this darling of a person. It's nice to have company when one is up in the wee hours of the morning, as well as the days when everyone else is at work and I have a wee child trying to drive me to distraction (he ADORES her btw) unless "Owie" comes up to hang out with us.

Sigh, a lovely day, and a lovely evening's now technically morning, I MUST get some rest.

Lovies and Lalapalooza,



Allie Hampton said...

YAY! What a fun day! I am so glad we are neighbors and night owls! It was sooooooooo much fun. AND you look really cute in that last pic where you are laughing at Steve Martin! Actually you look cute in ALL the pics!

The Body Electric said...

INDEED! Thank you so much for being friends with silly little me!!! :-)

Siiigh, yeah, Steve Martin....sigh again.