Thursday, July 23, 2009

Underwater Thursday!!!!!


So I know I have been rather lax this last week with posting (my apologies to both of you ;-)) and NOW on top of that I am posting Watery Wednesday on THURSDAY! EGAD, THE HORROR!

But I'm afraid you shall have to get over it.

Anywho, here are some pics from last week. We went swimming with the Alliekins and had ourselves a lovely time that is until the evil of old Navy flip-flops struck with deft precision and caused Allie to slip and fall on the steps of the pool (poor thing)

All that aside.... VERONA CLEO has FINALLY JOINED US! I will post pics soon if Allie (formerly MTB) is alright with it. Allie labored Monday and finally popped that cutesicle out and HEAVENS TO BETSY she is beeeeautiful!

Have a blessed day, hang in, one more till the weekend! WEEEEE!

Lovies and Lampchops,


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