Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sing the Body Show Last Night.

This is what I's one of the lucky finds at UO. last weekend for my b'day. (I still can't believe I snapped it up for $10!!!!)

This is my serious face. ;-)

This is my friend Eric. He is amazing, and an artist....and an amazing artist. He happened to be in state (from Chicago) because of some very sad circumstances (his grandpa is not well) so I was sad he HAD to be here but so happy he was able to find time to come down so I could see him.....we get pretty goofy... you can see....

...I told you.

I did NOT know they made gummy octopi!!!

Garage Voice accompanied by Adam Pasion.

Bruce, the bassist for GV playing fork drums with The Kidlet.

Us and Garage Voice (From the left, Patrick, Bruce, The Kidlet, The Mr., Me, Tommy) You probably can't tell but The Mr. has the word Mustache written on his finger. Hee hee.

Last night we were blessed with the opportunity to play with some lovely bands that were made up of lovely people. It was pretty awesome. We met Tommy, Bruce and Patrick of Garage Voice from up in Seattle and came away in awe. Adam Pasion, Jeffrey Conway, and Joey Vannucchi (of From Indian Lakes) were all fantastic as well. There was a great turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy the hootenanny!!!

There were issues with the always.

Ick. If anyone happens to have an electric 21 Chords Auto Harp they want to dispose of PLEASE, I beg of us. Getting an electric would cut our sound check time in half and we wouldn't have the moments of feedback in the middle of all of it...agh. Sigh. We finished recording the EP and instead of having regular practice tomorrow afternoon we are going to just sit down and finally work out all the logistics on what we're going to do about the album....AND WORK ON WRITING NEW STUFF! (FINALLY, we get to use the Ukelin and Marxophone!!!)


If you haven't heard of Adam Passion or Garage Voice PLEASE go check them out...AMAZING! They may be touring in a town near you soon!

(psssst.....There was talk last night about another show with GV in April...and maaaybe some collaboration. Egad.....I'd die of happiness....though if it happens I'll probably throw up out of nervousness too. They are sooo talented!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!!!
Pray tell, what'd you do?

Lovies and leggings,


PS. Thank you to those that came out last night and showed us love even though sound check took fooooooorever. :-)


tess said...

love your dress! amazing colors so quirky cute

Mel said...

Oh cool what fun that looked like! I adore your dress, can't believe it was only $10! Also I love how you matched it with red accessories! Happy birthday, hope you had lots of fun (by the looks of it, you did!)!

The Body Electric said...

Thank you both! It was a fun night, with great music and great people.

I just about fell over when I found that dress, it was the only one, all lonesome and fits as if it was made for me. It was waiting for me to come and make it mine....indeed. :-)

I've been on a red and/or navy kick lately. After years of black I guess it was bound to happen! ;-)

Sara Lynn said...

what a cute dress! great steal!

Samantha said...

TEN DOLLARS!! The shopping gods must be smiling on you. Your outfit is really cute (love the T-straps) and the group mustache picture... priceless. Thanks for stopping by! :)

The Cat and The Cow said...

I literally gasped when I saw your outfit! I love love love it friend! Sorry I couldn't make it to the show. It looks like ya'll has a good time!

lavelle said...

I adore the red bow in your hair! Looks like a great night!

(And thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog, it made me smile)


The Body Electric said...

I almost peed my pants when I saw the fabric of that dress peeking out of the rack, it was the only one....when I saw the price I thought, "OH PLEEEEEEASE FIT! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" Someone was listening! ;-)

Allie, i wish you could have been there too, Garage Voice is AMAZING! Hopefully you can here them when they come back through in April!!!

Thank you ladies for all your comments! I went so long with nary a comment and no followers that when I get one or two and I'm thrilled to my toes! But now I have SIX comments and people following the blog?!?!?! I'm about to pass out! :-) Thank you!