Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What happened on Valentines Day....

Mixed greens salad.
Changed the lighting(sorry)

Appetizers: bruschetta, pizza popper type things, and sweet potatoe fries.

Salmon, balsamic potatoes, and veggies.

Chicken penne with creamy pesto.


Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she beautiful?

I meant to get pictures of each course.....but we ate the dessert too fast, it was creme brulee and cheese cake. Mmmm...

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Urban Outfitters clearance!!!

Sooo, as aforementioned, The Mr. had to work Valentines Day so two dear friends and I decided on Galentines Day celebrations instead. We gussied up and went out to the restaurant where The Mr. serves. Upon arrival we discovered (The Mr. didn't know till he was on shift and couldn't warn us) that it was a fixed menu 4 course meal for more than twice what we spend when going out to a "nice" (ie: not Chipotle) kind of place.

You need some back story for this.

I have this health problem, it is aggravated by food allergies...of which I have a lot. I have purposely cheated only once in the last 9 months that it has been since I found out I have these food restrictions. I feel pretty crappy all the time and I didn't feel any worse after my last cheat day (which was clam chowder when we were at the coast...a cheat well worth it)

Seeing as I couldn't get a specific salad with few things on it as I'd planned....and the Mr. had lost a table in his section due to our reservation...I decided....this was going to be a cheat meal. So we decided to split two meals amongst the three of us girls.

The meal was AMAZING and delicious. The foods I ate that I'm not supposed to were as follows....

Blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, cheese (I can only do raw dairy) Gellato, wheat, bakers yeast, eggs (in the aoli sauce) um...and I think that's it.
(I am also allergic to several types of beans and tuna)

I expected some metaphorical hammer to fall...but nothing happened.

I had a lovely time with the girls, we ate ourselves silly enjoyed our time together requesting cheesy love songs from the piano player at the restaurant...he did NOT know Ebony and Ivory...what a pity. He finally ended with Endless Love which was pretty awesome. We left, picked up The Kidlet from my parents, drove home, went our separate ways. When The Mr. got home and we decided to stay up (mind you it was midnight by this point) and clean the house...last week was dreadfully busy and the house was in shambles (I'm terrible at house work) we finally fell into bed at 3am but with an absolutely immaculate home. Every floor was scrubbed, not a dish on the counters or in the sink. I tracked down every dust bunny...mwahahah.

The next morning, which was to be Valentines Day with my darling......I woke up with what can only be described as a hangover. I don't drink, I never have and so I don't know exactly what one feels like, but I called several friends and inquired and they said, "yup, that's a hangover".
Light split my head in two and made me want to throw up. Noises split my head in two and made me want to throw up...Everything split my head in two up.

So, there you have it, my foolish "partying" caught up with me and taught me a good lesson. It will be so much easier to stick with this diet for the rest of my life knowing that there is such a definite reaction...ugh, ugh, a million times ugh.

The (poor and patient) Mr. told me to stay in bed but I sucked it up and went out and made us brunch as was amazing...according to the Mr. I myself was still nauseated. But we had a lovely time, cleaned up from lunch then The Mr. (dearheart that he is) sent me back to bed for the afternoon. I feel so bad that our Valentines Day was a bust, but he got quiet, alone time (he works in the school system during the day so he had all day off till the restaurant at night) reading and writing and he said that made him happy.

Prosciutto, raw cave-aged Gruyere, Provolone wrapped in prosciutto stuffed inside cherry peppers, and Armando's Famous Olives.

Artichoke heart soup, cod and roasted bell peppers and asparagus, and an avocado, red onion salad with white balsamic dressing.
This was me on Valentines Day...and I'd had such high hopes of a cute outfit, being housewifely for The Mr.

My awesome Valentines Day outfit.

Lovies and lying about,



Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your blog is adorable! Following you :)

also, all of that food sounds SO delicious!

The Body Electric said...

Why thank you ma'am!!! Oh WAS delicious. Though I sure paid for it later. Sad face.

Stephanie said...

Galentine's Day. That was a good episode of Parks and Recreation and the food looks yummy.

It sound easier if I said if I we can put each others links on our blog rolls. :P

The Body Electric said...

Dang it, now I feel even MORE dense. What's a blog roll!?!?! Seriously, I told you I was a noob!!!

The Body Electric said...

I'm so embarrassed.