Monday, February 8, 2010

More Recent Thrift Store Finds

The Mr. chose the book on the left because it's about physics. (I love him) I chose the Encyclopedia because.....why not.

Adorable photo album.

Finally, to try my hand at embroidery.

Coral colored knee highs, and a lovely black and mustard doily. Yes please.

Lovely napkins and table runner. I don't know when they were made but they are Heavens-to-Betsy old!!!

Fabric (now to cover some pillows) scarf, collar and ribbon. Sigh.

A shirt for me and one for The Mr.

Can you SEE the trim on these slips!?!?!?

Triumph of triumphs!!!!!!!! They are the old cork top, glass interior thermoses AND they have the sandwich container AND the carry case too!!!! EEEE!

Can I just tell you how much I ADORE Thrift Store shopping? It's the closest thing we have to pirate treaure maps these days. Trying to find the clues, searching through the grime and dust to find the gems to carry back and share with the family and friends. Aahhhh. The sense of satisfaction when you find that item you've been wanting but just couldn't bring yourself to buy, then you buy it thrifted with about 20 other items and the total for ALL of it comes to what you would have paid for that backgammon set brand new at Target. MWAHAHAH!

Yes indeed. Thrift store hunting is a legit hobby and I will fight (ie: give a stern talking to) to anyone that says different. ;-)

Lovies and Log Cabins,


PS. I didn't get the pic of the backgammon set and two coats and a sweater I bought cuz the camera died...AGAIN! Apologies.

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