Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm off tot he coast with my dearyloos for my b'day (I firmly believein dragging out b'day celebrations for as long as possible.)

Last night was a wee get together with family and friends....

I am so overwhelmingly blessed.

I will post more later but at least here you can see my b'day dress. (I ran out of time to hem it so it had scraggly threads hanging down all evening, but you get the idea. I didn't get the other elephant sewed on either, ....basically, it's a work in progress.

Have a delightful weekend filled with all the loveliness you can handle.

Lovies and loud noises,



tess said...

love the red on the dress, you look great

The Body Electric said...

Thank you so much!!!! There are a couple more things I want to do with it...we shall see if I stop procrastinating and actually get it done though...hmmmm.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!