Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Have a Horse Of My Own.

I've recently been on the lookout for various books at thrift stores, things falling apart or what have you, to turn into other projects, either pictures for framing or to make cards or bows, etc. I have stumbed upon a problem...every book I've bought lately, with the intent (and thus the justification of buying so many books) of dissecting...has captured my heart and I can't bring myself to alter them or harm them. One such book being my case in point....

I Have A Horse Of My Own.

I've never heard of nor seen it before but it's the most delightful thing. Something about it is vaguely reminiscent of Pintauro, particularly the picture of the breakfast table. It's so charming and now I'm on the lookout for one that really is falling to pieces as that is the only way I could possibly justify dismantling the poor thing.

I'm off to put The Kidlet down for a snooze,

Lovies and Lemurs,


The Cat and The Cow said...

OMG!!!!!!! This book is amazing!!!!!! I want a copy so I can frame some pics and put them in V's room (when she gets one). Hey maybe I can make some color copies from them????!!! You could do that too so you can keep the book in tact but still frame the art!

The Body Electric said...

Yeah, I was sooo thrilled when I found it! I just can't dissect it at this point, it's too lovely. As for copies, I don't think I can because of copywrite issues. Boooo, I don't know how that works. If it's not in print anymore is it allowed? I'm not sure how to find out.