Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue Birds Smiling At Me

My lovely friend/neighbor from The Cat and the Cow wearing the adorable new skirt she made. we went to Whole Foods to get stuff for Valentines Day...weeeee!

My new sweater! I looove it. Though it's not done..... should I do embroidered knot eyes or button eyes? If buttons...What colour!?!?! I loooove that I actually followed through on a re purposing project! Finally, I got this done AND The Mr's Valentine, plus the Big and Little Sis's Valentines. Pics coming soon.

I never was able to get my hands on a Rodarte Dress so instead I settled for at least getting these darling denim shorts from the line for Target...on clearance!!! YEAAA!

Lovies and lap dogs,



The Cat and The Cow said...

You are positively beautiful, and adorable, and creative. AND I love thee!!!!!!!!!

The Body Electric said...

Thou art also much ME! I can't wait for our girl-date Valentine outing tomorrow. :-) Now...what to wear, what to wear....hmmm.

Deborah said...

I love that collection !! And your outfit is great a great combination!

The Body Electric said...

Thank you so much!!!!!

Oh heavens, I know!!! That collection is the stuff dreams are made of!!!

Stephanie said...

I love your cardigan. So creative!I'm going to have to do my own diy. Thanks for checking out my blog. Do you want to exchange links?

The Body Electric said...

Thank you ma'am! Yeah, I plan on making some for my Etsy shop too, though I don't know how many will sell since I think anyone that wants one will just make it themselves! :-)

I am not very blog savvy, what do you mean by exchange links? (don't laugh at me, I just don't know what that means! ;-/

Thanks for stopping by!!! ;-)