Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bea's Farm!

Since before I can remember (not as a figure of speech, literally.) my parents have been taking us out to Bea's farm. Well, it was Lillian's farm actually. Lillian and her daughter Bea. We loved the days we got to go pet the kids and bunnies and cows and it is, without a doubt the place of some of my fondest memories from childhood. I learned years later that Lillian or Bea would call my mother on slaughter days to make sure we weren't planning on heading out there as they were sweethearts that wanted to shield us from the tougher aspects of farm life. When we were older (jr high-high school) there were certain days that we would go out and "work" for them. Pulling weeds and such (darn stinging nettle!!!) and occasionally tried (operative word) our hands at milking.

Lillian has been gone for 4 or 5 years now, I believe she was still milking even at the end, taking a walker out to the barn at 4am...she was quite a woman.

Now it's just Bea taking care of things, the rabbits are long gone, only the goats remain. But it's still a place of fond memories and it was so surreal to wander with The Kidlet and Cousin in the places we wandered at the same age....To see their faces when the kids tried to nurse on their fingers, their awe at the horses. Yes, it was a lovely day and life is beautiful.

Lovies and last looks,



The Cat and The Cow said...

Shanti was telling me about this place! It sounds so great! I love these photos! Looks like a great day!

The Body Electric said...

It's super fun to play with the kids, they yell at you if you don't pet them and let them suck on your fingers, it's adorable!!!!! Siiiigh. You should go out there with us sometime.