Thursday, March 4, 2010

So I woke this morning to blue skies, white puffy clouds, shining bright sun...Big Sis, The Kidlet, and The Kidlet's Cousin and I went for a bike ride. It looked like the perfect spring day. We biked to our parents to check on the garden and such... as we were leaving for our ride puffy whiteness started to turn gray and spread across the sky. "It's fine", we though, "now we don't have to worry about getting burned". It was a nice tepid ride and we stopped by the nursery to see if they had spring garden plants in started getting darker....we made it to our parents and started doing some weeding and picking (the plants are STILL going crazy!!!) and then it started...the first couple small they were more "droplets"
"It's fine, we'll make it home in a soft little drizzle"


I really wish I'd taken pictures of us when we got back home....looking like a drowned rat (the kidlet was snug and warm wrapped in towels everywhere but his kissable little face)
The rest of the day continued in a major downpour.

So much for a nice blue sky day! ;-)

Dress: UO. clearance (one of the other finds on my b'day trip)
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Thrift store
Sunglass: Some random cheap sunglasses hut in SF.

The Kidlet
Jeans: Thrift Store
Shirt: Thrift Store
(it looks gray but is actually navy and white stripes...I'm so on a nautical kick right now)
Hat: U.O. Clearance


tess said...

sounds idyllic and what a chic outfit to bike around in

The Body Electric said...

I guess when I think about it my life IS pretty idyllic. We may not be rich, we may have 3 people in a one bedroom apartment, but boy howdy, do we know how to enjoy ourselves. I'm in a band with my family, I teach yoga for a living, I'm a wife to an awesome guy and a mom to a miniature of the awesome guy and our extended family is wonderful as well.

I get preoccupied with never-ending laundry and trying to keep an apartment clean that is housing too much stuff, and trying to keep a kidlet out of trouble, and I worry about bills and the future. But seeing you write that word, "idyllic", I am reminded of how blessed I really am. Thank you so much, Tess, for putting things into perspective for me! :-) I couldn't ask for a better life.

I hope you find yourself blessed today too!

Thank you!

Mel said...

I love the dress! Haha the "Kidlet's" hat is pretty awesome too!

Robin said...

Ok, so here's an idea, I give you $20 and you go thrift for me? lol. I thought it was a GREAT idea no?

The Body Electric said...

Robin, I have no problem with that! ;-)