Saturday, January 23, 2010


So for those of you that don't know about Laura and Weston, let me fill you in...

I've known Laura since elementary school, we met playing soccer. Fast forward many years later, passed high school, being each others bridesmaids, being pregnant together and being the only 2 out of six friends pregnant together (no, none of us planned that) to have boys and we find ourselves here.

Here being, several months ago Laura's husband, Weston, told his chiropractor that he was feeling numbness in his legs. Upon further questioning his chiropractor told him to go see a doctor immediately for tests. He said he suspected that he might have a tumor. Sure enough, tumor growing INTO his spine!!!

I can give you all the gritty details if you like, you can ask me, it's an incredible story. But here I shall keep it as short as possible. Within 18 days of discovering this tumor Weston was up north seeing a world renowned neurosurgeon who was able to open Weston up, remove his part of his spine along with A TUMOR THE SIZE OF A LEMON and then replace his missing vertebrae with titanium!!! The doctors were shocked, they said the MRI gave them no indication it would be that big and they had no idea how it was possible for Weston to be moving around, let alone walking. (Leaving the tumor WOULD have left Weston a parapalegic and the danger of surgery MIGHT have left him in a wheelchair too!!!)

We are soooo excited to find out that Weston's tumor was benign and they have no reason to believe there will be anymore. He has already gotten feeling back in his legs and they said he should be able to resume his old life (mountain biking!?!!?) within the year. Truly amazing!!!

Now, in the aftermath and euphoric glow the cold hard facts are these....the parts alone (just the titanium they used to replace his missing spine) are about $40,000!!! Egad!!!! They do have insurance but they aren't covering very much. Weston works for an autobody shop and has too be out of work allowing his body to heal for quite some time (poor guy, he's going stir crazy, we know...but he never complains)

Laura and Weston have asked for nothing. They are not people that would use their circumstances to gain pity or anything else from other people. But times are definitely tough for them right now. Laura is cleaning homes and finding odd jobs to help make ends meet till Weston goes back to work. Their little family of 3 is living in pretty cramped quarters in their RV/trailer and the bills are starting to roll in.

We aren't asking you to pity these people, they are strong, courageous and beautiful and above all, BLESSED! They are so happy about the outcome of everything and as I said, not complaining about the bill. But my sis and I decided we wanted to play a free show and have any money raised by donation (in our tip jar) go to this remarkable family.

Anyway, we hope you can make it and bring people with you as well!!! I'm out of words...not sure what else to say but that I love them and hope we can help them out and come together as the family we are.

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