Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Invites for the Cousin

Here is a new rough draft for the invites we will be making for the cousin getting married. She wants to have a friend that is an artist add some whimsical doodles to the white inside (which will have the information printed on it) and we're thinking of possibly adding cogs and watch parts either on the inside or perhaps the cover between the bride and groom.

Still waiting for Cousin to get back into town to tweak it some more and see what exactly she wants. I hope we can get them just right so it's something she LOVES instead of just something she'd be fine with (that's the problem with working with an easy going person that doesn't want to put people out ;-))

Lovies and have a fantastic Sunday!

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The Body Electric said...

Crap, I forgot it loads the pics in reverse order. Sorry!