Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Watery Wednesday Wedding Dresses

Good morning poppets! Seeing as today is Wednesday it is time for another installment of underwater pics. Today's theme, WEDDINGISH DRESSES!

It's on the brain, what can I say? The last couple days have been spent trying to dial in more details (ie:TIME!) As always there are many people with different ideas and I've been praying that, while all the ideas are appreciated, people will learn to read the bride and know when to shut their mouths and try to put together HER wedding instead of their own idea of what her wedding should be. Here's hoping!

Right now, we're trying to get some stuff squared away, if things work out the way she'd like we'll be getting this wedding together in 2 MONTHS! WEEEEEE! I work best (ie:most I'm an impatient procrastinator....ew.) under these conditions. It's all pretty much hanging on one detail. Pray that detail will cooperate ;-)

Have the loveliest of days!


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