Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watery Wednesday with MY OWN CAMERA!

So, a couple weeks ago my wonderfully generous in-laws bought us a new camera. It was pretty snazzy, Nikon Coolpix, and took pics quickly (which is a necessity with a one and a half year old) but the color has been kinda weirdy, overly saturated reds and such. They purchased it from Costco (God bless 'em and their AWESOME return policy...unlike TARGET!!!! POO) which has been carrying an underwater camera for a couple Hamilton's more but I felt bad returning it simply because I wanted something else other than what they got me. Thankfully/unfortunately/THANKFULLY, the camera started making weird pixelated lines through the middle of the photos and we had no choice but to return it and didn't look ungrateful doing it! HURRAH! We paid the difference, got the underwater Olympus and just in time for our trip with the in-laws (parentals and siblings) to Santa Cruz and Monterey. My Mum-in-law planned an awesome trip with steam engine train-ride through the red woods, hanging out on the Boardwalk riding Carousels, and glass bottom boat out to look at sea otters (with the kidlet LOVING every minute of it!)

More pics will follow, but as this new camera is 6 more pixels than our old one it takes FOREVER to upload. For now, we shall make do with the underwater pics we took in the heated pool of the hotel we stayed at in Monterey. I can't wait to get into another pool more prepared (clothing wise and goggle wise) to be able to take some cooler shots than these but hey, LOVE that this is even an option now.


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