Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black and White Wall Hangings

As of late I have found myself to finally be able to use the random scraps of paper, the bits and pieces of this and that, the things that I save and say, "I could use this! It would be irresponsible to let it go to waste!!!" The Mr. nods lovingly never saying a word but I KNOW he's thinking, "Yeeeeeah, we have a craft closet and garage FULL of things you THINK you might use someday yet you NEVER do!" But he is always gracious with me and let's me have my little stashes here and there and my ambition that MAYBE someday my pack-ratting will pay off. Darling that he is!

And now (drum roll please) his patience with me, and my hope for actually being remotely creative finally paid off. I've put a man on the moon! Well, more like I made a present for a friend using scraps I saved from other friend's and my own wedding invitations, but hey, finally proving to myself that I CAN indeed be useful and be less wasteful and such, it feels nice. I know it's silly but maybe, just maybe this is a faint glimmer of hope that all the other crap I have saved here and there will be put to use and I won't end up smothered underneath piles of saved National Geographic Mags eaten by a plethora of cats at the age of 90. I read an article in Reader's Digest once (my mother subscribes and when at her house I can't help but read it sometimes) about savers and such and it scared the crap out of me. I promptly came home and got rid of loads of stuff.

Why is my brain so weird?

On that comforting note ;-) I bid thee goodnight.


PS. The kidlet was rather fond of this garland as it was covered with birds... the sound of "BUR, BURRR" filled the house as he tried to run off with it to his room. (I fear he is a scavenger like his mum, DOH!)

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