Sunday, June 28, 2009

Santa Cruz Frolic

Whilst we were gone on our loverly trip to Santa Cruz with the In-lawsies we had the great fortune of them also taking us to the Boardwalk. Touristy? Sure!!!! Fun? OF COURSE!?!?!! The Kidlet LOVED the Carousel although it took the second ride to make him certain of this instead of slightly unsure. I kept thinking, "JOIN US MICHAEL!!!" every time I saw anything from the beloved and campy Lost Boys movie. We had a blast and I have more shots from the trip over all (the train ride through the redwoods will be next) but for now I just wanted to show some of the loveliness of the lights of the Boardwalk.

Hope the rest of the week flies by and you get to next weekend without anything too traumatic happening between now and then!


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