Friday, January 8, 2010

Star light, star bright...

"How horrid was the chance of slipping into the ground instead of into your arms. The difference is amazing love."

Just got home from Bright Star........sigh. I am listening to the soundtrack now....more sighs.

I don't like to watch sad, tragic love stories more then once....but I will watch this over and over again. The New York Times said of it, " Bright Star is perfectly chase and insanely sexy". But I don't feel that "sexy" is the right word. There is a term used by some yoga teachers which I have been trying to accomplish in my practice as well as pass on to my students to do the same...."passionate calm".

That is the closest thing I can come up with to explain the feel of the movie and how it makes me feel in isn't sexy, it is MORE than sexy. Sexy makes it sound cheap as it is such an understatement. There's nothing wrong with sexy, I like sexy! (ok, so actually I don't, I hate that word, but I can tell and enjoy when a movie is...that word....I've typed it too many times I can't do it again.) It's not cuz I think the word is bad, it just doesn't do justice to what the feeling is.

Passionate calm...yes, I think that's the best explanation I can come up with.

Lovies and Lights,

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