Saturday, January 9, 2010

So many posts in one day?

Pendleton Suit
UrbanOutfitters clearance blouse
Espirit shoes
Vintage Amsterdam Pin of wooden shoes (made of plastic!?!?!) Ebay

It always makes me nervous to post so much in one if it's going to jinx me into not posting for a really long time. So oddly superstitious for someone not superstitious but odd...silly.

But here you have it, a quick peek at one of my newest thrift store finds. A Pendleton skirt-suit of navy blue wool. I LOVE IT!!! I wore this to see Bright Star this evening. The plant was a surprise from The Mr. He brought it home today with a flower-bunch to boot! He's so thoughtful!!!

The Mr. is quite a bit taller than me and tonight we discovered the reason I look so hobbity short in so many pics (besides actually BEING hobbity short, which I am ;-)) is due to the angle he takes the pics at from so high up! After we took pics and the camera died and I loaded them, we were able to make this discovery, but it is too late to worry about recharging the camera and I am going to bed, worn out from crying at Bright Star but happily clasped in the arms of my dear one.

As always, Lovies and Love Stories,


The Cat and The Cow said...

LOVE this outfit!!!!!!! Im so glad you captured it! Where are the socks???

The Body Electric said...

THAT'S what I forgot!!! Oh brother! I thought it was missing something. I really want to find a pair of red heels to wear with it. The skirt is so long and my legs so short that I really feel I need to have something lengthening my legs a bit, but oh man, I do love that outfit.

Sigh, I don't know what to do about the lighting either. It's very frustrating, ARGH!

Btw, where are YOUR socks! ;-)

PS. wanna go to the thrift store tomorrow? Fingers crossed that the lamp shade is still there...