Friday, January 8, 2010

The first week of January....

So now this picture is making me rethink the Etsy shop name all over again. Gee Whillikers I just cannot decide. At this point, that's the only thing holding me back. Siiigh.

Well, here are some little lovelies that I found at Yoshi NOW! (a vintage shop...outlet? here in town) I was sooo excited to stumble across them and though there are numbers missing from the stamp set and the "I" missing from the Lion puzzle (which I didn't realize when I bought it...I could have SWORN that "I" was there) I still adore them. The stamp set really need some TLC and is overwhelming with mold and mildew smells. Just in the 2 minutes it took to snag these pics I had a massive allergy attack. Fie on you, mold allergies, FIE I say!

In other news of the new year we have been biking and cooking and I am trying to master the art of celery root consumption. It turned out ok so I tried to puree it with turnips but didn't like the flavor very much (and was running out of raw butter) so then I added mashed potatoes* into the mix and it was DIVINE! *(also salt, pepper and raw cream) It is a very intimidating looking food but fear not my pets, try it and you just might be delighted. (you have to enjoy the flavor of celery and turnips though) Also, a platter of organic, free-range chicken. Mmmm.

It's been a dull week. I just went thrifting today after class and need to get some pics up and alter some stuff. Just you wait!

Lovies and Hot Honey Lemonade,


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