Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latest thrift store find....

For no reason whatsoever The Mr. brought me flowers, I usually just stick a bouquet in a mason jar but got inspired whilst trimming the stems and suddenly realized I have been wasting bouquets all these years by keeping them together when I can rearrange in various containers and get four out of it rather than just the that was haphazardly assembled in the first place.

Got a new (well vintage) garter belt with some Christmas money. Boy howdy, does that thing work! Not like the silly pieces of tiny elastic that do nothing for you except slowly creep towards to floor following your socks and trying to take your underoos with them....all whilst making things very sausagey in the hip/waist region. Ew. I've been using it almost everyday as I have many extra long socks since I cannot abide tights (the webbing, oh heavens to Betsy, the webbing!!!)

I can't tell you how much I love this dress so I won't even try.

Nor can I tell you how much I love The Kidlet, though I can say that I love him even more than I love this dress.

This was my grandmother's broach, I think it's the only thing of hers that I own. But it's one of my favorites.

I've been hanging around my favorite thrift store a lot lately (dangerous) but feel thoroughly justified since I have found some truly fantastical things. I didn't even see this latest little number but my dear friend W. happened to spy it hiding in the back looking like it was hanging with the clothes that hadn't been marked yet. Boy howdy, am I glad she did! The detail thrills me to the bone and the fact that it was only a dollar-something pretty much seals the deal on awesomeness.

Blessings on whomever it was that bought this up at H&M, brought it back to our H&Mless town and then sent it to my (I feel some sense of belonging with this place, I admit it) thrift store.

Eep, i must go get my bread in the oven....
Yipppeee skippy!

Lovies and Locks,



M. said...

love that dress, it looks great on you!

lovelove, M.

The Body Electric said...

Well thankee Ma'am!!!! I pretty much drooled all over myself and almost dropped on the floor when I saw it!!! :-)