Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little late, I know.

As you can see, if took several tries to get this pic...and we finally gave up.
And yes, that is my dear from The Cat and The Cow

Happy New Year!!! 2010???? When, in the name of all that is holy, did THAT happen?!?!?!

I usually try to stop in to as many parties as possible and it's generally quite stressful (though fun, I admit) but this year, due to transportation, babies, and lack of motivation to stress myself out, I only ventured out to stop by my parents with The Kidlet, The Kidlet's Cousin, The Sister, and The Brother-in-law. My father (procrastinator that is he) decided to have a party at about 5pm that day so my mother whipped up some stuff to entertain and sent out the word to the friends and my dad's music buddies. We stopped by early on and said howdy-doo then headed to The Sister's and Co. Got there by 9 and hung out till almost 3am!!?!?!? (The Mr. had to work but made it by about 10:30.) As if we are still bright young things that don't have wee ones to wake us up in the morning regardless of what time we fell in bed......which was close to 4am....such scandal!!!

Actually we got to bed just AFTER 3am but stayed awake because The Mr. was finishing a book and I just HAD to finish the last half of a book that I've read 5 times already. (Silly, I know) In my defence I lost my copy of the book (Rose In Bloom....Thank you Ms. Alcott) a couple years ago and it had been a while since I'd read it. I had to cry (literally) all over again for the loss of the dear, though maddeningly foolish, Bonny Prince Charlie, (For the record, I do not cry nearly as hard as I do when reading Jack and Jill, that one is so much more heart wrenching for me) and sigh with rapture at the man that The Bookworm turns out to be.

So there you have it, all the close friends, the family and dear hearts that I love so well, ringing in the new year with little ol' me. Yep, life is pretty good.

I decided to make one resolution this year (I gave up making them forever ago seeing as I always fail keeping them)

1. Stop being so insecure and fearful and get my dern Etsy shop started.

So there you have it. It's written in stone (or rather internet type...the stone of our time) If it's not done by the end of the month. Harrass me. If it's not done by the end of next month demand a free gift from the not-yet-finished shop. Motivate me.

Ok, so maybe one more resolution...take more pics. I am looking through my pictures from the evening and am super sad that I didn't capture more of our fun. I got home a bit ago from the cafe (The Cat and the Cow's parents own it) and my pa had his stuff up for Art Hop tonight. He played music too and we hung out and played scrabble whilst enjoying his delightful display of talent. Did I get any pictures? Nope. Was I wearing a new Pendleton Skirt Suit that I purchased this last week at a Thrift Store? YES! But nary a photo of it. Blast!

So yes, Etsy Shop.
More Photos.

Happy New Year!

Lovies and Laughter,


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The Cat and The Cow said...

YAY to more pics and Etsy shops!!!!!! Oh man I love those sparkler pics!