Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Portland Pictures I

SOOO sorry it took forever for me to get pictures up. The above being a bold little bird that hit us all up for some food (we didn't have any) then took off quite in a huff. I have been so overwhelmed with all the pics from the wedding and our trip to Portland that I have put if off and posted nothing for a while (my apologies) I finally realized, DUH, to break it up into segments, this would actually be pics from the day that we left so I guess I'm starting at the end and working my way back but it was my favorite time there. I'm really struggling with my feelings for the place. Not only sad to leave family if The Mr. is accepted to the school but also taken aback by despising the town!!! I guess I had very high expectations. I wasn't expecting to be thrilled about the move but figured that I would adore the town after hearing so many people laud it's weather and quirks and greenery (which there was little of till we hit these falls on our last day) The first two days were spent in miserable heat and surrounded by dead brown overgrown lawns (apparently it's a California thing to be super OCD about keeping lawns green and edged and such so weird...) I guess I was expecting a green fairyland and got a large city. I don't know why it was so unexpected. We got lost more than once and it took forever to get anywhere because there weren't any signs for anything. By our last day I had pretty much written off the town and decided that if we moved there I would NEVER leave the house (yes, quite mature, I know) then we drove about 20 minutes west before we left for California and found all this wonderous beauty (I guess this is more what I pictured) It's just so odd, I always thought myself to be a city girl and assumed I would LOVE Portland as a result. Now I'm finding the forests, the farms, the country is all much more appealing to me. I guess the grass is always green (groan, bad joke, I know) So here you have it, knock yourselves out with these LOVERLY pictures, there will be more to follow from the campus (also beautiful)

Lovies and lazing,


This can be my backyard please!!!!

Need I say more? ;-)

The kidlet and myself.

And this can be my front yard please!

It rained/misted a LOT while we were at the falls! Finally!!! It was miserably sunny and hot the first two days of out trip!

I'm going to be so heartbroken the day I find he's grown out of that jacket.

I love Moss!

Gorgeous trees!

No seriously, in love with these trees!

and the lamp post....Narnia here I come!

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