Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watery Wednesday III


FINALLY, I display enough adult responsibility to post pics on the appropriate day. (in my head anyway ;-))*

My lovely friend Ms. Kate was up for a visit from LA and I was able to snag a couple pics of her before she left. Her darling mother-in-law gave her TWO sets of lovely fuchsia sheets so we encased our limbs and hopped in the pool. Sadly, we lost most of the light but a couple turned out rather nicely.

Lovies and late nights,


PS. Moving update....not really...we are STILL waiting in this lovely limbo to find out if we are moving in Jan. The Mr. called the school yesterday and they said they were still processing his application but that from what they'd done so far they saw no reason why he would be denied. So now we wait to see how this will all work out monetarily. We could get the loans but we don't want to be in debt up to our eyeballs by the time he's done. So we're praying like crazy and waiting to see how things work out. He's also applying to Whole Foods because there is a branch opening right near the school. If he gets hired on here it would pay him a dollar less an hour than the school he's teaching at now but we are fairly certain that not driving 25 minutes to work (he could bike from our current apartment as well) everyday AND saving 30% on the majority of our groceries would make up for that pay cut. Plus we would still be able to have health insurance which would be pleasant. So there you have, this post script has turn rather lengthy...apologies.

*putting a wink face in parenthesis makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I'm giving it a double chin. ;-)) Which I currently have (darn, pms bloating....bleah...sorry, highly improper to speak of such things on the world wide web ;-)) Doh, did it again.

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