Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember....

That day was so frightening. I had to go to work at the front desk of a hotel right by the airport.

It was a ghost town.

Just sitting at work all day, alone, wondering what was happening "out there". What it all meant, who was responsible....ugh.

I won't pretend that what I lost that day was anything in comparison to those that lost family. All I lost was a sense of security that didn't exist in the first place.

It makes me sad to makes me more sad to see how easily we forget.

My condolences to everyone that lost family that day or any day that has followed as a result of what happened there. I can't imagine the pain. I'm so sorry.


The Male mess said...

beautifully said.

The Body Electric said...

I felt like I needed to acknowledge the day somehow but everything I thought seemed so inadequate...glad it made sense.

thank you.