Monday, August 24, 2009

The Cousin's Wedding!!!!

Starting off with a lantern hanging inside of the church at the rehearsal.

The main part of the dress (there were about 10 skirts that went under it.)

I bought this dress on clearance at the Gap a couple summers ago but never wore it, The Cousin took it in, added the flounces then put all my white skirts under it (why do I have that many!??! I never even wear them!!?!!) then sewed the red corset to go over the top.

Aren't her shoes divine?!?!?! She also wore my veil, see pics further on. So happy to have someone make that dress so beautiful, I almost got rid of it several times.

The Kidlet

Step-father of the bride

The Kidlet's cousin. He ADORES HER!

Darn the church lighting, it made all my pics come out weird, no matter what settings I put it on...


After the success of this "cake" topping I seriously want to go out and buy more of this paint and spray everything I can get my hands on!

They were blue and pink clear plastic when I started. WEEEE, So happy they turned out!


The Kidlet and groom, obviously.

Does she look like something out of a Waterhouse painting or WHAT!?!?!?

Blurry, I know, but for some reason I love it!

Another aunt...we are a goofy family.

My bro-in-law (also the pump organ player in our band) with Doodlebug.

I'm not sure what's going on....but if you look close, you'll see, I have ghosty hands.

The eldest Cousin (bride's older sis)

My mum and dad with the loverly couple. (my pops makes the best faces)

my wee sis and our niece, Doodlebug (the kidlets favorite person, btw)

and everyone was jealous of our moves.


WE DID IT!!! It was a crazy day with more than a few hitches-in-the-giddyap but with all the amazing help we pulled it off and it was lovely in every way! The look on his face when she came down the aisle!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh, he was literally bouncing up and down through most of the ceremony (which The Mr. officiated. He filed for a one day license or whatever you call it) There is so much I could say but let's be honest, no one wants to read my verbal giddyness about this wedding, pics are far more entertaining and articulate then silly me. ENJOY!

ps. Upon our perusal of the school The Mr. has come to the conclusion that Portland is where we are headed. (obviously, he consulted me first but it really will be a wonderful school for him....and they have a "spouse enrichment program" that I can partake in....I want to take Greek with him!!!!) So yeah, very scary for a person that has lived in the same town for her entire life and even though it's a town of half a million people I still can't ever run an errand anywhere without seeing at least ONE person I know. It's just that kind of town. Sigh. It will be very isolated for me. But it will be a new experience and those are always good right, even if they are hard and stink really bad. Growth is a good thing.....EEP!

I will do a new post soon with the pics from Portland. It's been crazy busy around here since we got back (birthday parties! Learning how to bake bread that a wheat allergic ME can actually EAT!!!! Getting stuff made to sell on Etsy...the day is coming SOON! I promise!)

I'll try to be back to my more usual couple times a week posting.

Lovies and Labradors,


Kate said...

What a super cool wedding! Her dress is awesome--she totally belongs in Deadwood (in the best possible way!). I love your decorations as well. I don't think I've ever seen a wedding quite like this--it's so unique! Hope you had a blast.


A "cheery" disposition said...

looks like such an amazing wedding! The picture came from a magazine idk which one sorry