Thursday, September 3, 2009

Underwater Thursday II

I can't even explain how much I love them.

Sighhh, if we are indeed moving to Portland I am sooo going to miss this beautiful place. I know Portland has many more beautiful places and much closer than the hour + drive it takes to get to this pool but I will be heart broken to leave it. I swam here when I was knee high to a tadpole. I jumped off the "cliff" into this pool, I sat on a garbage bag and slid down the natural waterslides just upstream from where these shots were taken. Sigh indeed. Glad we at least got another trip in before it was too cold to swim. Took my older sis and my niece with us and lounged in the sun, snacked on homemade bread, raw cheddar and avocado...yummmm. I hope to make it back at least two more times before this winter.

Can I just say how rough it is to live in the limbo of not knowing if we are moving or not. AGH!


Allie Hampton said...

Yay a new post!!! These photos are amazing! I want to go to there!

meena meena said...

wow these are really pretty! the water looks so green, it reminds me of some halloween prop secret toxic potion witches brew or something, haha.

The Body Electric said...
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The Body Electric said...

Thanks!!! The water was soooooo clear when we were in it, it's so weird to see how lighting changes things in the camera.

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