Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Kidlet, The Mr., Me and The Lil' Sister





Taking a brief break from the plethora of my mum's b'day trip 2 weekends ago I will tell you about what we did this last weekend.
On a whim we decided to drive up to a lovely place in the mountains known as Dinky Creek (last summer I took some underwater pics there, if you recall.) It was very late in the day and too cold for me to swim though my lil' sis jumped in and froze her patoot off as a result. It was just so nice to get up out of the smog, smell pine trees, watch fish swim, and go rock hopping. We didn't have much time before sundown but it was nice just the same. On the way back home we stopped off and chatted it up with some horses. Nothing too exciting but lovely just the same.


Tomorrow I have ANOTHER doctor's appt. with my OLD doctor (or rather current...not to be confused with the NEW doctor that thinks I have an infection in my endocrine system) to follow up on the test results we have been waiting on regarding my food allergies.

I am allergic to a bazillion (around 15) things.

Eggs, Wheat, Dairy (though raw dairy doesn't bother my as much) including butter, kidney, navy, black, and pinto beans, blueberries, raspberries, apples, tomatoes (a hard thing for an Italian that also LOVES salsa and ketchup) Tuna, Baker's AND Brewers yeast....and something else I can't remember at the moment.

She said that if I cut them all out for a long time maybe my body would calm down and I'd be able to have them again...someday....she also said it's possible to develop NEW allergies
(Please Lord, please no!)
My insurance doesn't cover this allergy test and it's quite pricey so we waited over a year and saved some money to have the test done again....
Tomorrow we find out either dreaded (nothing's changed OR I have MORE than BEFORE!!!)
or joyous (maybe I can eat some the things I've been missing again!!!) news!!!

Fingers crossed, hands clasped. Whew. We shall see what shall be.

Lovies and Lily pads,


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:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Hahahaha, your family is adorable! How cute is your little one? And also, your hair. Ah-mazing! I used have a very similar hair style to yours ... except it's blonde and a lot thinner so it doesn't sit as nicely as yours, but I have the same wave and fringe (which I am now growing out for the wedding ... I decided I didn't want to look back on my photos and go 'Oh, that's when I was going through my fringe stage'). As soon as wedding season is over, the fringe will return though! Fringe = bangs, I think. Is that what you call them?


Why are allergy tests so expensive? To get one here private health is all, "Yeah, we don't cover that." And I'm all, "WHY?!" And then it has to be sent interstate to be tested, which makes it even more expensive. Seriously, I do not earn enough to be this sick. Lame.

New allergies would be horrible. I really hope that's not the case.

x Jasmine